Burghill Neighbourhood Development Plan


Burghill Parish Council re-submitted their Neighbourhood Development Plan to Herefordshire Council on 9 May 2018.

The consultation runs from 10 May 2018 to 21 June 2018

During this consultation period the plan can be viewed at The Hereford Customer Centre, Blueschool Street, Hereford and electronically at any Customer Service Centre and Library within the county.      A limited number of hard copies will also be available to view at The Burghill Valley Golf Club, the CAP and library session  at the Simpson Hall on Wednesday, 30th May 2018, 9 am to 12 Noon, and on loan from the Parish Clerk.

If you wish to make representations or comment you can do so by:

Burghill Submission Plan April 2018













Up-date for May 2018 Magazine


At the Parish council meeting on 6th September 2017, it was agreed that there should be a further consultation to enable parishioners and other  interested parties to inspect the Final Up-dated Site Assessment Report 2017 and table of comments (see below) before the BNP is submitted to Herefordshire Council.   Both documents are published on this website and will also be available for inspection  at the Burghill CAP and Library session in The Simpson Hall on Wednesday 13th September 2017 10.00 am to 11.30 a.m.   Other dates:

Saturday, 7th October 2017,  Upstairs in The Simpson Hall, Burghill,  10 am to 1 pm 

Saturday, 14th October 2017, Downstairs in The Simpson Hall, Burghill ,  2 pm to 5 pm

All comments must be returned  by the 18th October to Mrs Paulette Scholes, The Clerk to the Parish Council at: Willow House, Burghill, Hereford,  HR4 7RE or by email at: burghillpc@btinternet.com please.

Final Updated site assessment report August 2017

USAR Consultation response table August 2017 final (2)


Up-dated Site Assessment Report March 2017

Burghill’s Neighbourhood Development Plan will soon be revisited at Regulation 16. Before this event comments have recently been invited on an updated Site Assessment Report (link on right of this page in green banner) by sending them to Mrs Paulette Scholes, The Clerk to the Parish Council at: Willow House, Burghill, Hereford,  HR4 7RE or by email at: burghillpc@btinternet.com

All comments will be considered and sent to Claire Bradley, Independent Consultant from Kirkwells.  It is hoped that a draft Plan will be presented to Burghill Parish Council at their meeting in September.


Burghill Parish Magazine October 2017 website

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Mag Update for June 2017 V1 (2)

Burghill Parish Magazine May 2017


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