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  • P181842/PA7 - All others - Prior Approval 1st June 2018
    Lower Parks Canon Pyon Hereford Herefordshire HR4 8NP, Application for prior notification of agricultural development of hardcore farm machinery track and renewal of concrete areas. , Determination Made
  • P181913/K - Works to Trees in a Conservation Area 22nd May 2018
    Kington Cottage Burghill Hereford Herefordshire HR4 7RX, Proposed works to one Yew tree. Remove damage due to heavy snow during winter 2017/18 and to reduce the crown by no more than 20% to reduce the shade which now affects surrounding vegetation adversely and is growing towards power lines. Access to electricity substation in Green Lane […]
  • P181863/XA2 - PP - Approval of details reserved by condition 18th May 2018
    Land to the south of Tillington Road Burghill Herefordshire , Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 6, 7, 8, 9,10 and 11 attached to planning permission 173141 , Valid
  • P181763/FH - Full Householder 14th May 2018
    Hill View Bewdley Bank Hereford Herefordshire HR4 7SQ, Proposed two storey extension and extension of roof to eliminate flat roof area , Valid
  • P181785/PA1 - Home Notification - Prior Approval 11th May 2018
    4 Jasmine Lane Burghill Hereford Herefordshire HR4 7QS, Proposed demolition of existing conservatory and construction of new single storey rear extension which will extend beyond the rear wall ofthe dwellinghouse by 5.365 metres. The maximum height of the enlarged part of the dwellinghouse is 3.325 metres and the height of the eaves of the enlarged […]
  • P181556/FH - Full Householder 9th May 2018
    The Marsh House Eltons Marsh Burghill Hereford Herefordshire HR4 7SJ, Proposed conversion of existing garage to form annexed ancillary accommodation to the main house. , Valid
  • P181455/O - Outline 23rd April 2018
    Land at The Chase Burghill Herefordshire , Proposed erection of a bungalow, Valid
  • P181353/FH - Full Householder 11th April 2018
    The Old Chapel Tillington Hereford Herefordshire HR4 8LW, Proposed link single storey extension to the dwelling and detached single storey garage and store. , Valid
  • P181357/PA7 - All others - Prior Approval 11th April 2018
    St Donats Farm Burghill Hereford Herefordshire HR4 8NQ, Prior notification of a proposed agricultural building. , Determination Made
  • P181181/O - Outline 28th March 2018
    Land adjacent The Rise Tillington Herefordshire HR4 8LE, Site for erection of four dwellings, Valid
  • P180985/O - Outline 16th March 2018
    Bell Inn C1095 From Brinsop Court Tillington HR4 8LE, Site for proposed erection of four detached dwellings. , Valid
  • P181159/FH - Full Householder 15th March 2018
    Spindleberry Cottage Tillington Hereford Herefordshire HR4 8LL, Proposed detached garage., Determination Made
  • P180795/FH - Full Householder 7th March 2018
    Coven Hurn Badnage Lane Hereford HR4 8LP, Demolish and replace single storey part of dwelling with new one and a half storey extension. , Determination Made
  • P180854/XA2 - PP - Approval of details reserved by condition 7th March 2018
    Burghill Grange Burghill Hereford Herefordshire HR4 7SE, Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 3 4 & 5 attached to planning permission 143801. , Determination Made
  • P180676/AM - Non Material Amendment 22nd February 2018
    Land adjacent to Clearwater Eltons Marsh Burghill Herefordshire HR4 7SJ, Non-material amendment to 163264 (Change of use of former commercial premises to a residential dwelling) - minor fenestration revisions. , Determination Made
  • P180721/XA2 - PP - Approval of details reserved by condition 20th February 2018
    Land adjacent to Clearwater Eltons Marsh Burghill Herefordshire HR4 7SJ, Application for the discharge of details reserved by conditions 3 6 8 & 9 attached to planning permission 163264 , Decision Made
  • P180466/F - Planning Permission 7th February 2018
    Farmcare Ltd Fruit Farm Tillington Estate Tillington Herefordshire HR4 8LD, Proposed conversion of former office building to form a single dwelling and detached garage. , Determination Made
  • P180378/EIA - EIA SCREENING 30th January 2018
    Land SW Corner of Bewdley Bank and Moreton Road junction Bewdley Bank Herefordshire , Request for scoping opinion for construction of a new covered reservoir, hardstanding area, three stock pilling areas for excavated material, provision of new connections to the existing water supply system and a new access to site. , Valid
  • P180094/O - Outline 29th January 2018
    Land adjacent Whitmoor Pool Cottage Tillington Hereford HR4 8LE, Proposed erection of 10 dwellings (with gross internal floor area no greater than 1000m²) , Determination Made
  • P180151/O - Outline 24th January 2018
    Cyrene Tillington Herefordshire HR4 8LL, Site for proposed bungalow using existing access. , Valid