Agenda 30th November 2016

Neighbourhood Development Plan
Steering Group Meeting
Wednesday 30 November 7.30 pm Simpson Hall


1. Apologies: Harriet; Sally – possibly.

2. Welcome new members: Clare Fenton, Jenny Gay, Martin Roberts.

3. Procedure and how the meetings will progress.

4. What we are, why we do it and where we are going?

5. How we arrived at our present position & what the Core Strategy says and why we have to conform?

6. Items from last meeting: Letter to HC and reply, Kirkwells approval (£700), Grant of PP for 50? dwellings in LB?

7. Brief for consultants to review NDP – Deliverability – fairness – house numbers?

8. What changes should we consider and how will we publish them – CAP?

9. Should we request the PC Chairman to call an extraordinary meeting for the draft NDP after any changes – February 2017?

10. AOB