Scam Alert


A police officer will never call you and ask you to go to your bank and withdraw money.

Fraudsters pretending to be police officers are calling on the phone to get you to give them money. Don’t. Hang up, wait 10 minutes and call 101 and report it

Banks, HMRC and police will never phone you and ask you to hand over cash and will never come to the house to collect it

If someone comes to your door pretending to be a police officer remember that they always carry a warrant card . Ask them for it.  Genuine callers will understand

Trust your instincts: apply the same logic you would in the real world if a stranger with an unusual story asked for your money or your private information

Scam Alert! Telephone fraudsters are calling homes in our area. Never agree to go to your bank and hand over money to a courier. Hang up, wait 10 minutes and call the police on 101

Scam Alert! Fraudsters pretending to be police officers are telephoning the elderly and vulnerable to get them to hand over cash.   Please tell your friends and family to be aware of this scam.

Scam Alert!  Please tell elderly and vulnerable friends, neighbours and family who may not have social media or have seen the news that fraudsters are telephoning in this area.  They are pretending to be the police and getting them to withdraw money from their account and give to a courier who will come to their home.  This is a scam!  No police officer will ever do this so please tell them to hang up, wait 10 minutes and call the police on 101 or tell a family member so they can call us.

Fraud/Scam Phone Calls Alert

Telephone fraudsters are targeting elderly and vulnerable members of the community around Herefordshire and trying to con them out of their money. Fraudsters are contacting the victims pretending to be police officers.

Be advised that these fraudsters will encourage you to put the phone down and ring 999 or your banks number. They will keep the line open so when the victim dials the new number they will go back through to the fraudster and not the real police/bank. We recommend putting the phone down multiple times, waiting at least ten minutes before using the phone again and where possible call the police or the bank on a different phone such as a mobile or neighbours phone.

Remember a police officer will never ask you for money or demand you withdraw any from your bank.

Please alert family and friends who you think may be victims.   Click on link below for more information.

Scam Advice Sheet