Agenda for meeting on Wednesday 20 November 2013

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Agenda for meeting on Wednesday 20 November 2013 – 7.15pm at GC

1. Apologies

2. Treasurer – Financial Controller – grant applications?

3. Next meeting – New Year?

4. Neighbourhood area – wrong dates on form – Ms Symantha Banks Investigating.

5. Guidance documents from Herefordshire Council – Anyone short of No 5 or any other sheets?

6. Terms of Reference from PC – from PC meeting 13.11.2013 – Copies to follow.

7. Public meeting (Sally R) – to be arranged should we leave it until New Year?

8. Raising awareness of our activities.

9. Parish Plan and updates – have you seen it?

10. Have you looked at the Core Strategy?

11. Views on draft chapters for the BNDP and views on very early stages of a draft BNDP (document to be forwarded as an attachment before meeting).

12. Would anyone like to “own” a topic/chapter of the plan and do some work on it?

13. Item from last meeting – any views?

Could members please take a look at this site with a view to assessing the growth that is needed within the plan period:

14. Anything else we need to discuss?