Agenda for meeting on Wednesday 23 October 2013

1. Welcome and introductions.

2. Apologies (Heather)

3. Who wants to volunteer to do certain tasks (Secretary, Treasurer)? – Yes we will have money to spend and we will have to make a few notes of what we do.

4. Frequency of meetings, which days are best and venue – also next meeting?

5. Neighbourhood area has been defined.

6. Guidance documents from Herefordshire Council. Hard copies will be available or go to this link:

7. What form should the plan take, as we need to get an instruction from the PC? It could be just criteria based, policy based or more site specific with policies and development boundaries. Our plan could look like a shortened version of the Draft Core Strategy. This is available to view on the HC’s web site. We could do a cut and paste job on this document.

8. Does anyone in the group have any specialist knowledge that might be helpful in making the NP? Does anyone know of any other person who might like to join the group who has some useful skills they can contribute? Anyone good at photography?

9. What was learned during the meeting with Ted Bannister from the Council (Grant application, development %’s, service contacts, help available, mapping).

10. Could members please take a look at this site with a view to assessing the growth that is needed within the plan period:

11. That’s quite a lot to start with, but is there Anything else we need to discuss?