Agenda Meeting 29 October 2014

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group

Agenda Meeting 29 October 2014 Simpson Hall 7.00pm

1. Apologies

2. Items from last meeting:

• David’s departure and need for new group members.

• Site Assessment Report to PC – AV has submitted (Mike has also sent Hazel an update on how we marked the assessments)

3. Financial matters: We have spent about £4,800 of our grant and DCLG has canvassed opinion on whether the grant cut off date of 31/12/2014 should be extended. Most PC’s agree that the deadline should be extended. Both Hazel and HC have made submissions to DCLG. It is not AV’s intention to display financial info at the Options Day as AV does not want someone getting the wrong idea that we have unlimited funds available.

4. Consultants. AV has spoken to two. One charges £90/hour the other £40/hr. Both are local, ex HC and doing work elsewhere near here on NP work. Depending on what we want either could run up a draft plan with just a few days work. However, they would require our resources for printing and mapping of any sites. This would save considerable cost. We have done a great deal of the legwork for this project and now would be a good time to get consultants involved.

5. Joint PC meeting on 3 November 2014 (The Way Forward) see Mark’s Email. This is a time of potential change. We are currently proceeding in line with our standing orders and guidance notes, but we operate as directed by the PC.

6. Have you seen the scoping document – it confirms max 65 dwellings?

7. Timeline – Almost able to publish – Andy doing some updates with AV.

8. Options Day – our most pressing item at present (Andy working on some more details):

• Parish magazine and notice boards – Joanna and Bernie

• Flyers – Bernie and Sally and others at their request.

• Staffing Schedule for – Options Days-Bernie?

• Simpson Hall Booked for evening of 14th and two days 15 & 16th.

• Hardware from HC – Bernie

• Tables – whoever is available on the Friday – pre-meeting on Wednesday 5th and 12 November in SH to finalise table arrangements and display layout. Main hall layout suggestions (first thoughts) from every one.

• Attendance to meet and greet – Bernie to organise.

• Visitor sign in form at entry – volunteer.

• External banner – Sally and Bernie.

• Refreshments – Sally’s team and any other helpers.

• Photographs to Andy for printing – All to participate.

• Printing of maps and main schedule – Andy & Anthony

• Questionnaire corner display – Joanna and Andy

• Vision and objectives display – Joanna and Andy.

• History section – Harriet

• Translations/Definitions of planning speak – Andy, Mike and Anthony

• Settlement boundary display – Anthony and Andy

• Comments forms for maps – Janette in an advanced stage with this. (Speak about format for choices)

• Something to take away – volunteer to write?

9. Anything else we need to chat about now – would suggest we don’t go beyond Options Days with new topics – we need a rest.