Agenda Meeting Monday 25 January 2016

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group

Agenda Meeting Monday 25 January 2016 7.30 pm Simpson Hall

1. Apologies: Joanna, Sally will be late and perhaps not able to attend.

2. Our Draft NDP (AV has hard copies for those who want them): at its meeting on the 13 January 2016 the PC approved Version 2.9 of the draft NDP V2.9 together with the non material amendments. These changes were made by the consultants to bring the Draft NDP to Version 2.10. This version was published on the HC & PC websites on the 20 January 2016, together with the draft SEA and HRA for its first formal 6 week public consultation. Look at the plan for anomalies or errors – there are still a few.

3. Other feedback from PC meeting. S106 and CIL items

4. Display at the CAP on Wednesdays: We started on the 20th, but so far very low key with just one visitor with a question about the settlement boundary near Rookwood. We have had another Q from a parishioner concerning their inability to understand one of the drawings and about the windfall sites and possible protected area near church.

5. Activity over the last 10 days – Boxes and monitoring them, Golf Club, box number, website, notice boards, community mag, fliers, CAP sessions. Everyone doing something – we need to encourage support. How will we monitor comments – see attached form now with Hazel?

6. E Mail from Councillor Pauline Crockett. – Update

7. Expenses: We have all incurred expenditure for this task and soon or financial support will close. If you have made legitimate expenditure you need to claim. Even if it’s just for a printer cartridge or paper.

8. Anything else we need to chat about?

9. Next meeting?