Agenda Meeting Monday 4 January 2016

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group

Agenda Meeting Monday 4 January 2016 7 pm Simpson Hall

1. Apologies: Sally

2. Core Strategy: Now in place and we have to fall into line.

3. Our Draft NDP: Our draft NDP V2.9 was approved by the PC on 18 November 2015 for sending to HC. It was returned to us on 18 December 2015 having gained approval of its first overview by the NP Team at HC for compliance with Core Strategy, its Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and its Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA) without any changes being requested. It has a few typos and minor stuff that needs attention over the next few days. A list of suggested changes is attached to this note. We need to agree these so that Claire Parker at Kirkwells can make the changes. Once these changes have been made the Draft NDP will be ready to go public. We would hope to get this approval at the PC meeting on the 13 January 2016 with the first formal publication day on Wednesday 20 January 2016.

4. Informal Open Days at CAP: Pretty low key really. Not more than 20 in total with genuine and constructive interest. No one from Tillington Common and just one from Tillington.

5. What we need to do over the next 2 weeks:

  • Agree the suggested NDP minor and non-material changes.
  • Arrange changes with Claire Parker at Kirkwells.
  • Get PC approval for the draft NDP with these minor changes – item for PC agenda.
  • Printing about 30 copies of NDP before 20 January 2016
  • Agree the flyer (Andy has circulated a copy) – border needs minor change AV
  • Arrange distribution of flyer.
  • Contacting statutory consultees (Joanna is arranging this with Hazel).
  • Agree the public comments sheet for NDP (Joanna, AR and AV have made a sheet and a copy is attached).
  • Agree locations for viewing hard copies and web-sites, CAP, HC Offices, Golf Club Reception (OK).
  • Attendance at CAP sessions on Wednesdays and perhaps one Saturday morning 13 February 2016?? AV has booked.
  • Attendance sheets for CAP sessions.
  • Locations for comments forms collection and return boxes: CAP and Golf Club.
  • PO Box number for returns – Hazel has this in hand.

6. E Mail from Councillor Pauline Crockett and our reply: You have all seen this and agreed the reply it. If I hear anything before the meeting I will let you know. At this stage if we make material changes to the Draft NDP it will have to go back to HC for a further SEA and HRA at significant cost and delay (about 3 months). I suggest that if there are others who wish to comment, as suggested by Pauline C, they do so during the forthcoming 6 week consultation stage and show their colours.

7. Expenses: We have all incurred expenditure for this task and soon or financial support will close. If you have made legitimate expenditure you need to claim. Even if it’s just for a printer cartridge or paper.

8. Anything else we need to chat about?

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