Agenda Meeting on Wednesday 16 July 2014

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Agenda Meeting on Wednesday 16 July 2014 – 7.30pm at GC

1. Apologies

2. Items from of last meeting:

• Recording of interests – All the forms now in – Thank you.

• Insurance – Hazel has had a reply – we are covered providing we don’t declare UDI.

• PC has approved the appointment of GRCC (£950) for the final report and Hazel has written to instruct. We will receive draft of final report so that we can check it over and ask for additional info if needed. Designed in a format to suit NP work so that we can drag and drop.

• HC Core strategy – Comments now submitted to HC – brief maximum and minimum growth outline attached and copy sent to PC Chairman.

• Time line and financial planning.Andy and Anthony still working on a suitable format – printing problems – should be buy a printer? £574? David has researched costs for large prints.
• Viewing sites and site assessments HC’s Guidance Note 21 and some info from Anthony – see attachment and copies at meeting. David working on revised assessment from GN 21. We should get moving by beginning of August – consultation with Stat Bodies and SU’s.

3. Next steps public participation October 24/25/26 2014 – Planning for Real – equipment and hall booked – display boards available with AHV and extra booked with Sue Knox at Museum– flyer “Options Day” – parish mag – dates run down – blame storming sessions?

4. Vision and objectives display– Joanna.

5. Feedback from courses Sean and Lynnette (affordable homes) David (Heritage) – should we designate Heritage Assets?

6. Petty cash float – unlikely – keep receipts coming – Expenses sheet – Heather – how’s the cash holding out?.

7. Anything else we need to chat about.

8. Next meeting – 6 August 2014? (Holiday period)