Agenda Meeting on Wednesday 19 February 2014

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Agenda Meeting on Wednesday 19 February 2014 – 7.00pm at GC

1. Apologies

2. Notes of last meeting:

• Hazel P on point of submitting Awards for All application for £10K.
• Quote from planning consultants Kirkwells – £5K ?
• Searching for other consultants?
• All comments on draft Q now received and Q close to final form.
• DK and Bernie now finalising distribution areas for Q – Colour and Areas to be defined.
• Volunteers for distributing Q – speak to Bernie
• Printing costs – Sally?

3. Mike B and help with secretarial duties – Joanna doing some work for now – other volunteer.

4. Flyers for 4 March meeting now out?

5. Q and A meeting on 4 March:

• Sally to chair.
• What form will it take?
• Coffee break and exchanges?
• Written questions?
• Who and what comprise the Steering Group?
• Ted B to attend
• Few overheads of Q
• Describe various consultative stages of NDP

6. Wednesday morning sessions at CAP working well.

7. Spreading the word and visiting other groups within the parish:

• Joanna: School
• Bernie: Golf Club, Pub
• Sally: WI, Youth Group, Pensioner Group
• Heather: Bridge Club
• Any takers?

8. Q distribution – late March more daylight.

9. Bernie still needs volunteers for Q distribution?

10. We will need to split up analysis of Q returns – any takers?

11. Anything else we need to chat about?

12. Next meeting.