Agenda Meeting on Wednesday 6 August 2014

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Agenda Meeting on Wednesday 6 August – 7.30pm at GC

1. Apologies

2. Items from of last meeting:

• Recording of interests – One form still outstanding.

• GRCC has now submitted final version of report which has been circulated. Any comments – Should we have a web link from the parish site?

• Hazel has been asked to buy an A1 printer with a target price of £600.
• Viewing sites and site assessments HC’s Guidance Note 21. David has completed revised assessment from GN 21 and the site assessment pack will be available soon. We should get moving after the meeting – consultation with Stat Bodies and SU’s. – Andy and Joanna via PC Clerk.

• Meeting with Ted B on the scoping report – quite a few oversights not least the failure to deduct the 23 extants.

• Next steps public participation now changed to November 14/21/16 with some time constraints due to other users 2014 – Planning for Real – equipment and hall booked – display boards available with AHV and extra booked with Sue Knox at Museum– flyer “Options Day” – parish mag – dates run down.

3. Two extra sites about to come in: Harriet’s land within the Conservation Area and a site on the corner of the junction between Tillington Road and Burlton Lane. About 2.5 acres. Mrs Carver (nee Hoddle) who owns 35 acres within the parish.

4. Start to speak to consultants about our plan.

5. Heather – cash flow – keep receipts coming – expenses sheet.

6. Volunteer to write a short update and attend the next parish meeting?

7. Anything else we need to chat about.

8. Next meeting – Later in September 2014? (Holiday period) which would give us about 7/8 weeks before the Options Day.