Agenda Meeting Thursday 23 April 2015

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group

Agenda Meeting Thursday 23 April 2015 7.00pm Golf Club

1. Apologies: Alan Stokes ?, Bernie Green, Joanna Helme so far.

2. Items from last meeting:

  • Site Assessment Report: ready with the other stuff to go to consultants.
  • Financial matters: (i) Hazel has written formally to the Lottery to ask if we can extend the deadline for expenditure; (ii) Andy wants to know about VAT and is asking Hazel about this, but no answer yet.
  • Grant Application: Hazel has/is about to send off the grant application to DCLG for about £8k. Andy and Anthony meeting Hazel on 20/4 to discuss.
  • Consultants: We have just sent off/are about to send off the Info to Kirkwells.
  • Options Days Analysis: Janette has completed the work of analysis. A lot of work involved.
  • Examination in Public (EIP) and Main Modifications: There’s quite a bit of confusion here over housing figures and what the HC wants. Also PC wants us to to put up comments on the MM’s as the recent paper asks NDP’s to calculate in a different way. Something else might be coming out this Monday (20/4) if H Times has reported it correctly.
  • Development Sites in the parish: Pye Finch (presentation at PC meeting) , Site Near St Mary’s, Hospital Houses, The Piggery, site near Roman Road/Tillington Road, presentations at PC meeting by Farmcare. Interesting comment by David Bishop at PC meeting about development in General.

3. What Happens Next with NDP – settlement boundaries?

4. Anything else we need to chat about.