Agenda Meeting Thursday 26 March 2015

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group

Agenda Meeting Thursday 26 March 2015 7.00pm Golf Club

1. Apologies: None so far

2. Items from last meeting:

  • Site Assessment Report: The corrections suggested by Janette and Mike have been included and some changes as a result of Andy’s suggestions. Materially the report remains the same. Suggest we leave it for now and chat about it with consultants.
  • Financial matters: (i) Hazel has written formally to the Lottery to ask if we can extend the deadline for expenditure; (ii) Andy wants to know about VAT and is asking Hazel about this, but no answer yet.
  • Grant Application: I didn’t think DCLG would extend the grant availability, but they have offered another slice at £8k. Should we apply for some more money? Perhaps not £8K, but £4K. Hazel wants to chat and would like to make an application to DCLG for more cash – seems sensible.
  • Consultants: At its last meeting the PC agreed to appoint Kirkwells in the agreed sum of £7,900 as outlined on page 7 of their submission. Hazel has written to confirm. At the request of Kirkwells, Andy is preparing a list of documents (circulated) to send to them. There will be additional costs and VAT of 20% which the PC will have to pay until it receives its rebate. One significant additional cost will be printing at about £800. I have spoken to both Bill Bloxsome and Jane Wormald about their unsuccessful bids.
  • Examination in Public (EIP) Some info has emerged from G L Hearn about population and that the housing figures are 3% too high. However, HC is taking no action to suggest changes to Inspector as the 3% surplus gives robust figures. It doesn’t change out submission. You will have seen the suggested revisions both main and minor put together by HC to send to the Inspector. Look at the main revisions and para 4.8.20 on page 46 where “village” has been deleted and “settlement” substituted. As we have three settlement groups in our parish (Hereford, Burghill and Tillington (unless Tillington gets deleted by the Inspector)) they are all open for development that attaches to the main group. This means that the Roman Road zone is now also open for extension within the parish. The revisions submitted to the Inspector are very wide ranging to the extent that the Core Strategy looks like an entirely new development plan in places, but now it has improved terminology that reflects national policy. Some of our suggested changes have been incorporated but the % growth for the villages is unchanged. Suggest we stand by our original submissions. I am still reading the documents and we have 6 weeks to make comments.

3. Development Sites in the parish: Pye Finch, Site Near St Mary’s, Hospital Houses, The Piggery.

4. Options Days Analysis: Progress?

5. What Happens Next with NDP?

6. Anything else we need to chat about.