Agenda Meeting Tuesday 6 October 2015

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group

Agenda Meeting Tuesday 6 October 2015 7.00pm Simpson Hall

1. Apologies: Mike B – Any volunteers to take notes?

2. Core Strategy. The Inspector’s report has been published and so have the Major Modifications (MM), which have been the subject of exchanges between the Inspector and HC over a period of months. It is likely that HC will adopt these MM’s and change the earlier version of the CS to align. AV circulated copies of these documents with a few notes. As far as we are concerned the two governing factors remain the same: The 18% growth factor and the views that this should be applied parish wide. Also Tillington remains in at table 4.20. AV does not think we will get this changed to a lower figure, despite the submission made by the PC. We have to accept this figure and work accordingly – these matters give us flexibility.

3. Our Draft NDP – Thanks to all who made representations to Andy on this topic. He has assembled the results and these have been circulated. When all the comments are in we can send it to Claire Parker so that she can update our draft NDP. She will also be able to modify the draft NP to align with the MM’s. At present we are well on track to get our updated draft to the next PC meeting on 18 November 2015.

4. Site assessments by consultants – Kirkwells sent this to us and it has been circulated by AV. In the main, it supports the SG site assessments, which is good news. We now have to translate this into site availability for our NP. AV will have a schedule available for the meeting which is based on Kirkwells table on page 5. It looks at the most favourable sites at various housing densities. Things might change this week on 07/10 as HC are due to consider the Pyefinch site. If this is granted PP it will add 24 dwellings to the existing count which will then be deducted from our overall requirement, reducing it to about 80 dwellings. Quite a lot will turn on this decision, regarding site selection and density. In line with the Kirkwells report we need to look again at settlement boundaries as some changes are needed. AV will bring some plans to the meeting.

5. Photographs – A reminder to send your photographs to Andy. You will recall that we agreed not to have “significant views” in our NDP, but have parish typical views throughout the report to emphasise the rural character and appearance of the parish.

6. Protected Sites – Any additions to the suggested protected sites of: Tillington Common, The Bird Pool, Whitmore Common, The Copse, The green areas at Leaseown, The Deer Park at St Mary’s, the Green at Redstone, The Cricket Club, The Copse. Any others?? Photographs would also be useful.

7. Spoof Web Site – I am sure you have all seen the marked up copy on the internet of the First Draft NPD by our very own Burghill Internet Troll, who like all trolls remains anonymous. It contains unlicensed OS mapping and a few other things and seemingly ignores that the document on which comments are made is just what it says: A First Draft.

8. Anything Else we should chat about