Agenda Meeting Wednesday 16 March 2016

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group

Agenda Meeting Wednesday 16 March 2016 7 pm Simpson Hall

1. Apologies: Bernie, Harriet, Hazel

2. Our Draft NDP: The first deposit period ended on 11 March 2016. Andy and Anthony have been writing these up and Joanna has been doing the Statutory Consultees. We are currently dealing with these so that they can be sent to the consultants. We have had a weighty amount in from David and Sandra King comprising about 250 pages of A4 text. I don’t think we are going to have all the comments and suggested replies in time for the next PC meeting and for them to agree any changes to the NDP that might arise from these comments. Table attached.

HC NDP Department confirmed to us that we had satisfied the Reg 14 procedures.

3. Informal Open Days at CAP: Pretty low key really. Not more than 20 in total with genuine and constructive interest. No one from Tillington Common and just two from Tillington.

4. Possible defamatory comments or submission of confidential information: We have had a few of these from 10 persons. The PC has to publish comments and ones that we do publish should not have defamatory, protected or confidential info. The option is either to return the entire comment to the sender or publish with the comments or entry struck out. At present I almost have the entire list of original comments and copies of only the first 5 have been copied and given to Andy and Janette. There was nothing worrying in these first five. Hazel will probably need legal advice from HALC on this topic.

5. What we need to do over the next week:

  • Agree the suggested NDP minor typos and non-material changes. You have all seen this and three docs have been sent by Andy to Claire for incorporation. I will send a copy of Andy’s Email around with these three attachments.
  • We will send these to the PC next week and hopefully they will agree them. Get PC approval for the draft NDP with these minor changes – item for PC agenda.

6. What is a neighbourhood Plan: Mike was writing a short paper for publication on the PC web-site, but this might have been overtaken by events.

7. Expenses: We have all incurred expenditure for this task and soon or financial support will close. If you have made legitimate expenditure you need to claim. Even if it’s just for a printer cartridge or paper.

8. Printer: Can we find a home for this other than my home – now a PC agenda item.

9. Anything else we need to chat about?