Agenda Meeting Wednesday 24 February 2016

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group

Agenda Meeting Wednesday 24 February 2016 7.30 pm Simpson Hall

1. Apologies: Harriet, Janette (probably late),

2. Our Draft NDP Version 2.10 has been on public deposit since 20 January. We have had some comments which will be assembled at the end of the consultation period which ends on 2 March 2016. We need to discuss how we will deal with these comments and how they will be presented to the PC.

The comments will be sent to the consultants who will then suggest amendments to the draft plan. Depending on the materiality of these comments we might be able to get an amended plan to the PC in time for its meeting on the 24 March 2016. Look at the plan for anomalies or errors – there are still a few. See attached document. We could send this to the consultants now.

3. Display at the CAP on Wednesdays: We started on the 20th, but so far we have had about 12 visitors at the CAP sessions who have shown genuine interest in the document.

4. Site Assessment Report: Hazel has now published this on the PC’s website.

5. Anything else we need to chat about?

6. Next meeting?