Agenda Meeting Wednesday 27 May 2015

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group

Agenda Meeting Wednesday 27 May 2015 7.00pm Simpson Hall

1. Apologies: JH

2. Items from last meeting:

  • Site Assessment Report: PC agreed to send it to consultants.
  • Financial matters: Lottery extension now promising.
  • Grant Application: Hazel has/is about to send off the grant application to DCLG for about £8k.
  • Consultants: Kirkwells just about to send us a work schedule.
  • Examination in Public (EIP) and Main Modifications: Hazel has made the submission on housing growth.
  • Development Sites in the parish: Pye Finch now submitted to PC also two garden areas; Gypsy site at lower Portway; Farmcare extra sites at Tillington.

3. NDP – settlement boundaries – Perhaps we can make a start on these at the meeting? AV will bring some A3’s of Tillington and Burlton. Could members please bring along any info they think will be relevant.

4. Risk Register – Andy has some info and a schedule (forwarded already)

5. Anything else we need to chat about.