Meeting on Wednesday 15 January 2014

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Agenda Meeting on Wednesday 15 January 2014 – 7.00pm at GC

1. Apologies

2. Notes of last meeting.

3. AV’s change of circumstances

4. Grant aid approval (£6985) and money from PC for next years.

5. Wednesday morning NDP sessions at CAP and PC contribution to costs

6. PC’s reaction to our Questionnaire (meeting 08/01/2014) and asked for comments before end January 2014.

7. PC agreed prize draw.

8. DPA registration – Hazel P the “Officer” PC agreed..

9. PC’s view on a time for distribution – maybe March more daylight.

10. Less than 30% return on Q does PC proceed with NDP?

11. Printing costs for Q – Hazel discussing with Ray. Help will be needed to assemble this document.

12. Bernie still needs volunteers for Q distribution?

13. We will need to split up analysis of Q returns – any takers?

14. Consultants – will we need them – many are using them – high cost?

15. The 18% growth rate and what is the base line.
(HCCC and

16. Is Tillington a village and if it is what is St Mary’s Park?

17. Anything else we need to chat about?