NDP Draft Notes on a Meeting held on 15th January 2015

Draft Notes on a Meeting held on 15th January 2015 in Simpson Hall

Present:- Anthony Vaughan, Janette Pudsey, Mike Buffey, Harriet Gordon, Andy Ronneback, Alan Stokes, Hazel Philpotts (Parish Clerk), Julie Devenish (new member).

Apologies:- Lynette Loban, Joanna Helme, Bernie Green, Heather Worth, Sally Robertson.
Barry Redding will not be joining the group because he is moving house.
Future Meetings:- these will now be the last Thursday in the month.

Items From Last Meeting:-
PC feedback:- Hazel tabled a modified Terms of Reference document for the SG.

Timings:- Andy will provide a time plan for forward planning which will also
include times of PC meetings. Hopefully this will reduce waiting time if the
two groups meeting times are better synchronised.

Site Assessment Report to PC:- The SG will continue with assessment of the late
sites (Welcome Foundation – Farmcare Ltd, former Co-op Orchards). To be completed for SG meeting 29th January.
Janette presented her analysis of the site information provided by parishioners at the Option Days
Parishioners comments will be analysed and completed by Janette, Hazel and Harriet.

Finance:- We have spent a total of £7169 so far from a total of £19,000. The remaining amount should be enough to complete the work including consultant’s fees.
Consultants:- A brief has been prepared for consultants. There are three being considered and Anthony has since informed the PC that the agreed brief has been
dispatched. However, no appointment will be made without first having the approval of the PC.
Option Days:- Joanna is carrying out work on Visions and Objectives following Option Days.

Document Control:- Andy presented his proposals for this. Since the meeting a finalised version has been circulated by Andy.

Examination in Public:- Anthony, Sally and a Parish Councillor will attend this event.

Publishing Notes of Meetings:- The parish website might be a suitable site for this. The website is being updated and a new administrator is being sought.

Conflict of interest Declaration:- Julie was given a blank form to complete.

Next Meeting:- 29th January at 7.00pm in the Golf Club.
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