NDP First meeting 23rd October 2013

First meeting 23rd October 2013 in Burghill Golf Club

Present. Anthony Vaughan (chairman), Sally Robertson, Bernie Green, Alan Stokes, Joanna Helme, Janette Pudsey, Mike Buffey.

Apologies. Heather Worth.

Meetings. It was agreed that meetings would normally be held once a month on the
third Wednesday in the month at 7.15 pm.
Volunteers for Tasks. Heather Worth had previously agreed to take on the role of Treasurer and Mike Buffey agreed to act as Secretary.

Burghill Neighbourhood Area. The application form to HC has incorrect date on the form. Ms Symantha Banks will investigate.

Neighbourhood Development Plan. It is hoped that Burghill PC will issue Terms of Reference to the group as shown in the final part of the Flow Chart of Guidance Note 1 issued by HC and an e-mail was sent to Parish Clerk requesting this. The clerk was also asked to make NP matters an item on the agenda.

Public Meeting. Sally Robertson will organise a Public Meeting to discuss matters relating to a Neighbourhood Plan and will ask Ted Bannister (Forward Planning Officer HC) to attend and give a presentation. He advises parishes on the preparation of their plans. No date can be given at present as Ted is on holiday.
Funding A maximum grant of £7000 is available for this work.

Next Meeting. Wednesday 20th November 2013