NDP Meeting on 20th November 2013

Meeting on 20th November 2013 in Burghill Golf Club

Present. Anthony Vaughan (chairman), Sally Robertson, Heather Worth, Alan Stokes, Bernie Green, Joanna Helme, Mike Buffey

Apologies. Janette Pudsey

Next Meeting. If there is a strong reaction at Public Meeting on 26th November then a meeting will be arranged for December. Otherwise the next meeting will be on the third Wednesday in January (22nd). The cut off time for meetings is to be 9.30 pm.

Neighbourhood Area. Date on application form has been corrected by HC.
Parish Council Terms of Reference for Steering Group. The modified document was tabled and agreed. It includes the original four detailed points suggested by the Steering Group.
Public Meeting. This has been arranged for Tuesday 26th November at 7 pm in the Simpson Hall. It will be chaired by Sally Robertson. Time will be allowed for questions at the end of the presentation. The meeting will end at approximately 9.00 pm.

Raising Public Awareness. A questionnaire will be designed for circulation within the parish which will be based on the original Parish Plan questionnaire and “Planning for Real”. Members of the group to visit local groups such as Young People, Business Leaders, Adults to explain the programme. (Also see Guidance Note 29)
Proposed Programme for Public Participation. Joanna Helme produced a proposed program for public participation (copy enclosed). Timings for this were discussed and proposed as follows:-

1. Decide on date of next meeting following Public Meeting on 26th November.
2. Meet in January to design questionnaire. Parish Clerk to be asked to provide information regarding Eardisley questionnaire.
3. Questionnaire to be circulated in parish by the beginning of February.
4. Questionnaires to be returned by third week in February.
5. Analysis of questionnaire and presentation of results by mid March.

Parish Plan and Update. To be circulated to members by Anthony. Housing potential plan to be circulated by Sally.
Draft Chapters for BNDP. Report to Anthony any gaps that appear in the document. Changes to be highlighted with colour blocking. Sally will circulate the document “Local Affordable Housing Needs in Burghill Parish”. 14 households will be needed in the next three years. Two bedroom bungalows for older people will also be required.
Funding. Anthony has discussed the Steering Group requirements with the Parish Clerk and it is proposed that the PC apply for the full £7000. A grant application has been made. An initial £300 has been agreed by the PC which is not part of the £7000. A professional planner has offered to analyse our document when completed at a cost of £30 per hour or about £250 per day. Time would depend on length of document.

MJB 25.11.13