NDP Notes of Meeting on 24th April 2014

Notes of Meeting on 24th April 2014

Anthony Vaughn (AV)
Alan Stokes (AS)
Joanna Helme (JH)
Sally Robertson (SR)
Bernie Green (BG)
David King (DK)
Andy Ronneback (AR)

Heather Worth
Janette Pudsey
Mike Buffey
Harriet Gordon
Sean Lashley
Lynnette Lobban

1. Funding
A provisional offer for £10K has been received from the Lottery. The necessary documents have been completed and returned and confirmation is expected within the next 14 days. Anthony Vaughn (AV) requested that the Lottery offer is kept confidential until confirmation is received.
The existing grant money (£9K) must be spent by the end of 2014. AV expressed a reluctance to commit to significant further spending until the Lottery grant is confirmed.

2. Questionnaire
Response: The response from the parish had been good although some parishioners did not expect the Development Plan to make any difference to the final outcome.
It was agreed that the final date for collection/return would be Friday 2nd May and the Steering Group (SG) would meet at the Simpson Hall at 0900 on Wednesday 7th May to count the number of returns. The Parish Council (PC) would be informed of the result.
It was noted that no response had been received from Hereford Council. Sally Robertson (SR) and AV to try and get a response.

Data Input and Analysis: The cost of data input is quantity dependent and there two preferred options, either Data Orchard can undertake the work or it could be done by some other organisation or persons. AV agreed to contact Gloucester Council to see if they can recommend a suitable organisation and an advert has been placed in the Parish Magazine to help identify a local organisation or person who could undertake the work. Some concern was expressed about the validation of the data entry by a single person. Analysis would be undertaken by consultants, either Data Orchard or Gloucester Council.

3. Eardisley Visit
Notes of the meeting have been circulated. AV advised that the Eardisley SG was made up almost entirely of PC members compared to the Burghill SG which consisted of a wider cross section of the Parish. Overall AV was confident that the Burghill SG was making good progress.

4. DCLG Seminar
Joanna Helme (JH) felt that it was a useful presentation and notes have been circulated to SG members. JH advised that the target quantity of houses to be built would include all completed since April 2011. Settlement boundaries could be based on a number of different criteria and the potential advantages to such a change should be considered.

5. Village Website
The Burghill and Tillington Community Website has a Neighbourhood Plan page. It was agreed that this is a valuable means of communication and it is essential that it is kept up to date. JH agreed to input relevant data supplied by SG members.

6. Printing Costs
Questionnaire printing costs to date are £298.00 excluding paper. A contribution had also been made by the PC towards printer cartridge costs.

7. Burghill School
Notes of the meeting have been circulated.

8. Timeline
Andy Ronneback (AR) presented a draft schedule covering the questionnaire and data input but stressed that this was only a draft based on his limited knowledge of the whole process. AV agreed to help on activities and their likely durations to work towards a schedule that could be used to achieve the end result in a cost and time effective manner.

9. Finance
AR presented a spreadsheet that could track expenditure and variations from estimated costs, thus providing a cost management tool. Further work is still required, linked to the activity schedule above.

10. Hereford Council Core Strategy
Work is ongoing on the strategy. It is currently expected to be adopted in March 2015 after the formal examination process has been completed. This date has an impact on the completion of the Burghill DP.

11. Meeting with Challenge Group
AV reported that the Challenge Group work could result in a delay to the adoption of the Core Strategy which would not help the overall DP process.

12. Parish Magazine
SR proposed that the Questionnaire front page format should be retained for entries into the Parish Magazine because good feedback from parishioners has been received and it would easily recognisable and would provide continuity. David King (DK) to provide the template and liaise with SR to produce the entries.

13. Standards and Ethics
A statement is being prepared for SG members to sign up to.

14. AOB
AV advised that display boards had been identified as available for hire from Hereford Museum at a reasonable cost.
DK is investigating map printing costs.

15. Next Meeting
An informal meeting will take place on Wednesday 7th May at Simpson Hall as per Item 2 above.
The next formal meeting will be on Wednesday 21st May at 7.30 pm in the Golf Club.