NDP Notes of meeting Wednesday 19th March 2014

Notes of meeting Wednesday 19th March 2014

Present: Anthony Vaughan (chairman), Jeanette Pudsey, Bernie Green, Alan Stokes, Heather Worth, David King, Andy Ronneback, Lynnette Lobban, Sally Robertson

In attendance: Hazel Philpotts

Lottery Grant: Anthony has been in touch with Awards for All – awaiting decision.
Planning Consultants: Anthony is continuing to research planning consultants with expertise in Neighbourhood Planning; has spoken to Data Orchard who said they had two planners on staff, but their experience is not known as yet.

QA Session 4th March: 107 people attended. Notes of the meeting have been circulated. Most people in attendance over 50 years. Younger people questioned as to reasons for non-attendance, generally too busy. Need to ensure everyone in parish receives notices; suggestion of adding info into the school newsletter to reach younger parents in the parish, however, over half the parents do not live in the parish.

Local Communication: suggestions of groups to target include bridge group, scouts, involve the pub, cricket club and golf club. St Mary’s MANCO directors attended the QA session on 4th March.
Questionnaire: printed Wed and Thurs 19th and 20th March, ready for distribution to commence on 21st March. Emailing questionnaires, preferable to do manually to avoid issues with prize draw sheets and entries.

SR and Anthony visiting Eardisley to discuss their Neighbourhood Plan and see if any tips can be picked up. Suggested also talking to Wellington, Joanna will make contact.
Herefordshire Council seminar and networking event for Neighbourhood Planning on 9th April, Anthony cannot attend, Joanna and Lynnette to represent Burghill.

Consultants and analysis of information: Anthony circulated a briefing sheet. The information gathered by the questionnaire has to be translated into a report which the steering group will have to decide how to translate. Briefing sheet gave info on costs of data entry, each questionnaire could take 15 to 20 minutes to input, need to decide if the steering group could input the information into a programme supplied by consultants. Two options available: send off and pay for inputting or do it in house, might have as many as 800 questionnaires. Question to be raised at next steering group meeting and members asked to consider whether they could give time to inputting.

Website: Anthony did not feel it sensible to have another separate website. Joanna asked if the NP could have a separate section on the parish site, and will discuss with Joe (Helme). Anthony suggested publicising progress and finance. Joanna, Andy & Heather to liaise to set up and add information.
Printing costs: Hazel to obtain cost for printing questionnaire and other info to date and to send budget report to Heather.

Consultation document: Joanna has written a draft which will require updating with revised timescales. Andy and Joanna to liaise and revise.
Burghill Academy (primary school): Joanna had previously circulated a report of her meeting with the head teacher, who would like to develop the current facilities and replace temporary buildings but has very little budget. School became an academy to tap into grants available however they have to submit applications for each proposed project. A copy of the school’s plan for the next five years would be very useful to the NP steering group. Joanna was asked to enquire the percentage of children who come from outside the parish and to obtain more information regarding current capacity.

Timeline and finance: Heather and Hazel to get together on budget (as soon as questionnaire costs obtained).
Standards and declarations of interest: steering group members to be asked to complete the same declaration of interest as the parish councillors, Hazel to forward details to AV.
HC’s Core Strategy: Sally reported that the final consultation period will be during May followed by amendment before a public examination in August. Current document contains errors in housing projection evidence. David is drafting a document outlining Burghill’s objections and what evidence they are based on for presentation to and submission by the parish council. Sally reported on a Neighbourhood Planning seminar she had attended: HC members were updated on the number of plans being undertaken, info on procedures and on the Core Strategy consultation process. Anthony will be meeting with the group of town and parish councils challenging the Core Strategy to discuss their proposals.

Date of next meeting 24th April 7.30pm Burghill Golf Club