NDP Notes on a meeting held 16th March 2016

Notes on a meeting held 16th March 2016 in Simpson Hall

Present:- Anthony Vaughan, Andy Ronneback, Sally Robertson, Janette Pudsey, Joanna Helme, Mike Buffey, Lynette Loban.

Apologies:- Alan Stokes, Bernie Green, Hariette Gordon, Hazel Philpotts.

In Attendance:- Mr Colin Goldsworthy representing Mr G Williams (Site 22). Two parishioners were also in attendance (Mrs S King and Mrs J Gay).
It was explained that all visitors who attended would be asked to leave before the group considered matters which were not for wider distribution at this time, and before these matters could be discussed by the PC. A synopsis of the comments received for the Reg 14 process was given before the visitors left.

Comments on NDP:- Herefordshire Council has confirmed in writing that the publication process for our NDP has met all the requirements of Regulation 14. Public consultation ended on 11th March 2016.

A table showing 40 comments from locations and 203 from parishioners or site owners was distributed at the meeting. This table will require finalising and may not be complete as yet. Janette and Andy have agreed to meet with Hazel to carry out this work to ensure that no comment had been overlooked.

A letter has been received from Savills, representing Farmcare Ltd which is critical of the draft NDP regarding its conformity with the Core Strategy. It is also critical of the ratings given to Farmcare sites regarding sustainability. The letter will be passed on to Kirkwells for their comments.

Joanna was collating the comments from statutory consultees. No comments have been received as yet from neighbouring PC’s.
The comment form was not user friendly and originally could not be used on-line. These faults have been addressed and the ability to give general comments, not related to any particular page will be included in future.

Alleged Defamatory Comments:- Legal advice from HALC will be sought regarding these. Advice from HC is to blank out alleged libellous comments and return totally unacceptable comments to sender.

Site 22 (The Bell):- Mr Colin Goldsworthy, representing Mr G Williams, came to the meeting to explain about the possibility of changes to proposed housing on Site 22. A joint scheme could be considered with the Business Park to produce a small village like setting complete with village green.

After all visitors had left the SG discussed this proposal and decided that they would not recommend any change in the current draft NDP to the PC.

Next Meeting:- To be arranged. MJB 20.3 16