NDP Notes on a meeting held 24th February 2016

Notes on a meeting held 24th February 2016 in Simpson Hall

Present:- Anthony Vaughan, Bernie Green, Mike Buffey, Andy Ronneback.

Apologies:- Harriet Gordon, Sally Robertson, Janette Pudsey, Lynette Loban, Joanna Helme, Hazel Philpotts.

Absent:- Alan Stokes.

Draft NDP:- Following the publication of this document on 20th January public comments are now being assembled ready for the next meeting immediately following the end of the consultation period. The original date of 2nd March for end of consultation has now been extended to 11th March. A new date for the next SG meeting is to be arranged after 11th March.
The SG’s reaction to the comments will be presented to the PC at its meeting on 24th March and the comments will also be sent to our consultants for their advice. If changes to the plan are deemed to be necessary then they will be posted on the the parish website.
Version 5 of the “All Sites Rating Comparison Chart” will be added to the Draft Plan.

Comments received at Wednesdays CAP:- A total of 13 parishioners have so far made comments about the draft plan. The total number of comments from all sources is now 19.
The SG is aware of flyers being distributed in Tillington expressing strong resistance to development in the area and asking all residents to raise objections to the DNP on comment forms.

Next meeting:- to be arranged.
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