NDP Notes on a Meeting Held 26th March 2015

Notes on a Meeting Held 26th March 2015 in Burghill Golf Club

Present:- Anthony Vaughan, Andy Ronneback, Julie Devenish, Lynnette Loban, Sally Robertson, Janette Pudsey, Joanna Helme, Mike Buffey, Bernie Green, Alan Stokes, Harriette Gordon.

Apologies:- Hazel Phillpotts.
Site Assessment Report:- This has been finalized and will now be sent to the chosen consultants – Kirkwells.

Financial:- Andy has contacted Hazel regarding Lottery Funding deadline. An answer is awaited. The claims for VAT returns are also with Hazel for action.

Grant Application:- A further £8,000 of grant could be available from DCLG. The existing grant has been spent but leaving approximately £10,000 available from the Lottery grant for other uses. Including VAT charges it appears that a further £9,500 will be required. It seems sensible to apply for about £4,000 extra grant but the actual amount will depend on the amount of VAT that can be recovered. This matter will be discussed in detail with Hazel.

Consultants:- At its last meeting the PC agreed to appoint Kirkwells to produce our draft Neighbourhood Plan and work it through to its final stages. Copies of all our documents produced to date will be sent to them by Andy. Joint meetings with Kirkwells and the PC and SG will be held.

Examination in Public:- HC has made some revisions to the Core Strategy document following the EIP. Later changes will depend on the inspector’s assessment of soundness. One of the main changes concerns the number of new dwellings required since this will now be measured on parish house numbers and not village house numbers. This is materially different from the totals we have been considering, which were in line with previous guidance from HC. Kirkwells will be asked to consider sites for at least 90/100 new dwellings in the draft plan for Burghill Parish.
Settlement boundaries for Burghill,Tillington and/or Tillington Common and the zone north of the city will need to be defined as part of the NDP.

Development Sites:- The single site near St Marys has been sent to appeal following refusal of planning permission. A presentation regarding Site 32 near St Marys has been made to PC. Plans are being prepared for a Planning Application for 27 houses on Pyefinch. A presentation is being prepared by the Wellcomb Trust regarding possible development of some orchard sites. This will be given at the PC meeting on 15th April. No planning application has been received regarding the redundant piggery at Tillinton Common.

Option Days Analysis:- Janette will send pdf versions of Option Days comments. She will also provide printed copies for those who require them.
AOB:- Heritage Centre Sally will provide HC info for this proposal at Hospital Farm.
Members are reminded that an extraordinary PC meeting will be held on 15th April to discuss planning proposals.

Next Meeting:- Thursday 23rd April at 7.00pm in the golf club.