NDP Notes on a meeting held 29th September 2016

Burghill Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Notes on a meeting held 29th September 2016 in Burghill Golf Club

Present:- Anthony Vaughan, Andy Ronneback, Joanna Helme, Mike Buffey, Sally Robertson, Harriet Gordon, Bernie Green, Janette Pudsey.

Apologies:- Lynnette Loban, Alan Stokes.

This meeting was called at very short notice following the decision of HC to not progress our draft Neighbourhood Plan to examination.

HC’s response to Regulation Submission of Burghill’s draft plan:- We were informed by Samantha Banks (Neighbourhood Planning Team Leader) that concerns were raised regarding deliverability of sites, site selection process and consultation undertaken. She also commented on the higher than average response rate.
There was concern in the group that the goalposts seemed to have been moved in regard to sites in terms of potential development. The definition of sites as being “deliverable” is a change from previous advice from HC. We require clarification on this point.
There was also puzzlement regarding concerns about consultation and site selection process. No concerns were raised by HC at the Reg 14 stage. In fact we have previously been complemented on the assiduousness of our consulting. It was decided to ask HC if why these concerns were mentioned as it had previously said that we have satisfied both processes. Sally and Janette will prepare a letter to be sent to HC seeking clarification on all three points.

Options to proceed:- It was decided to ask the PC to advertise for extra people to join the SG in the hope that some of the objectors would join us to actively take part in our work. However, no volunteers came forward from objectors present at this SG meeting, despite a request from the group.
Sally would see Mark Ellis regarding an information exchange between the PC and the SG to discuss options.
We will contact our consultants, Kirkwells for their advice.

The recommendation of the SG is to put the plan on hold while we wait for clarification of our queries with HC. If our queries are satisfactorily resolved then a suitable PC motion might say:-

To put the current NDP on hold until at least the development future of sites in the south of the parish has been decided by HC. In the meantime ensure that all relevant NDP information is
published on the PC’s website.

There is good reason to hold back the plan until a decision is made regarding the 50 houses planning application at Roman Road/Tillington Road site. If approval is given then only 10 sites are required to complete our quota and this should satisfy the deliverable aspect required by HC. A planning decision is expected in early November.
MJB 30.9.16