NDP Notes on a meeting held 4th January

Notes on a meeting held 4th January 2016 in Simpson Hall
Present:- Anthony Vaughan, Hazel Philpotts, Mike Buffey, Lyn Loban, Harriet Gordon, Joanna Helme, Andy Ronneback, Alan Stokes, Bernie Green, Janette Pudsey.
Apologies:- Sally Robertson

Draft NDP:- Version V.2.9 gained approval at first overview from the NP team at HC on 18th December. There are a few typographical errors and minor changes to be made over the next few days. The current list of proposed changes was agreed and the following items were added to that list:-
Improve clarity of charts
Objectives (page 50) To be printed in black within black box.
Front and back covers:- Lower Burlton to be added to borders.
Open days at Simpson Hall on Wednesday mornings:- Attendance was low at all three meetings. One person attended from Tillington but no one from Tillington Common. The remainder were from Burghill. There was genuine and constructive interest in the draft plans from all who attended.
Actions for the next two weeks:-
Minor changes agreed at meeting.

Arrange changes with Claire at Kirkwells.

Ask PC for approval of draft at meeting on 13th January. If approved then a copy
will be e-mailed to HC. They do not require hard copy.

Print about 30 copies of draft NDP before 20th January

Andy to print 12 A3 size flyers ( with modified borders) for distribution on parish
Notice Boards by 20th January.

A4 size flyers will be distributed to every dwelling and business in the parish by
20th January. The distribution will be organised by Bernie and Sally. A thicker
paper will be used and Hazel will order two reams of this for printing
All information will be available on the websites listed on the flyer by 20th January and will remain there for at least six weeks.

Anthony and Hazel will finalise the Public Comments Sheet with regard to the Data
Protection Act.

Hazel will discuss with Mark Milmoor the feasibility of putting the Comments Sheet on line. She will use the new e-mail address burghillNDP@ gmail.com for the
returning address. (Updated sheet already sent to Hazel by Anthony)
About 10 copies of the draft NDP will be placed at each of the location for public
viewing. These locations are:- Simpson Hall CAP sessions on Wednesday mornings between 9.30 and 11.30. Simpson hall on Saturday morning 13th February
between 9.30 and 12.30. SG members will be in attendance on these occasions.
Reception Office at Burghill Valley Golf Club between the hours of 10.0 to 16.00.
and Tillington Village Stores.
Each copy will have a “DO NOT REMOVE” sticker on the front page. Andy will provide the stickers.

An attendance sheet will be provided for CAP sessions. Joanna is making one up.

Hazel provided the Box No. for postal returns which is PO Box 350.

Contacting statutory consultees is being arranged by Joanna and Hazel. This
should preferably be by 20th January but can be extended.
E-mail from Pauline Crockett regarding no Settlement boundary at Tillington Common:-
The PC has already agreed the current draft NDP which does not include an SB for
Tillington Common. Anthony has replied to Pauline’s e-mail setting out the
reasons for this decision. No reply had been received on the day of the meeting
but she may bring up this matter at the PC meeting on 13th January. If the draft
has to be changed regarding this matter then there is likely to be a delay of 6
weeks and associated costs of approximately £1000.
Expenses:- All SG members are advised to contact Hazel regarding printing costs and
mileage allowances in the near future as financial support will shortly close.
Next Meeting:- Monday 25th January at 7.00pm in the Simpson Hall.