NDP Notes on a meeting held on 16th July 2014

Notes on a meeting held on 16th July in Burghill Golf Club

Present:- Anthony Vaughan (chair), David King, Joanna Helme, Sally Robertson, Alan Stokes,
Bernie Green, Harriet Gordon, Lynnette Loban, Sean Lashley, Heather Worth, Mike
Buffey, Andy Ronneback.

Absent:- Janette Pudsey.

Items from last meeting:-
Recording of interest forms:- All members forms have now been completed and
returned but Harriet G has recovered her form to make additions due to an interest in
land which might have development potential.

Liability Insurance:- PC Clerk has confirmed that SG members are covered by the
PC insurance.

HC Draft Core Strategy Document:- PC comments on this document have been
submitted to HC. A document giving maximum and minimum housing growth potential
for Burghill and Tillington according to draft Core Strategy was tabled at the meeting and
a copy sent to PC chairman.

Time Line and Financial Planning:- It was agreed that we purchase an A1 printer at a
cost of £574 so that we can control our own printing costs for the large prints which will
be required for the Planning for Real public exhibition. The printer would be given to
CAP on conclusion of Neighbourhood Plan work for use by all parishioners. Anthony will
make a submission to PC.

Site Viewing:- As a County Councillor Sally has concerns regarding taking part in site
viewing and completing assessments. She will take legal advice regarding this.
SG members can view sites in groups of two or three but must submit individual
comments. David has produced a draft Assessment Form and Anthony has provided a
Guidance Note/Flow Chart to assist members when they make assessments. If members
have concerns regarding viewing any particular site the matter should be discussed with

If any member has views on potential Heritage Sites to be included then their proposals
should be passed to David by 23rd July.
Joanna and Andy will consult with Statutory Bodies but all letters must go from the PC.

Public Exibition:- It was agreed that the dates for this would be put back to 14 – 16th November to allow more time for preparation. Anthony would re-arrange dates with the Simpson Hall if possible. (Date now fixed and equipment arranged).

A table plan would be prepared with individual site plans pinned on the wall behind and strung back to the table plan. Our Vision and Objective Statement would be displayed (based on the statement on the last page of the questionnaire). Joanna will circulate a draft copy to all members. Sean suggested that aerial photos for individual sites might give an easier picture for the public to view. Harriet will ask her husband to take aerial views of one or two site so that the group can decide the best format.
A display and explanation of the various housing options will be prepared by Joanna.

Feedback from courses:- Sean and David have circulated information on Affordable Housing and Historic Buildings respectively.
Finance:- The initial fee for data analysis (£3770) has been paid to GlosCC. A further £950 will be required for final analysis. Hazel has instructed GlosCC.
Heather will provide a draft expenses sheet.

AOB:- Sally will check if raffle winner will agree to their name being published in the Community Magazine.

Next Meeting:- 6th August at 7.30 in Burghill Golf Club.
MJB 19.07.14