NDP Notes on a meeting held on 18th June 2014

Notes on a meeting held on 18th June 2014 in Burghill Golf Club.

Present:- Anthony Vaughan (chair), Sally Robertson, Joanna Helme, Lynnette Loban,
Janette Pudsey, Heather Worth, Mike Buffey, Andy Ronneback, Bernie
Green, Alan Stokes, David King, Sean Lashley.

Apologies:- Harriet Gordon.

Items from last meeting:-
Recording of Interests:- Most members have returned the completed forms but
a few are to come from those who had been unable to attend the last meeting.

Liability Insurance:- Hazel is still investigating the legal position. The SG may be covered by the existing PC insurance as the overall responsibility rests with PC.
Questionnaire:- SG will decide the form of the final analysis (bar charts,
histograms etc) and Anthony will discuss this with Glos RCC. However release
of the document is the responsibility of PC.
HC Modified Core Strategy:- Anthony and David’s comments on the document were circulated to all members at the meeting. They were also sent to the PC. Anthony asked that any SG members comments be notified to him within two days as the deadline for submission was approaching. After this they will be sent to the PC.

Timeline and Financial Planning:- This is in preparation. The lottery money has been received and Anthony has sent them a letter of thanks.
Site Viewing and Assessment:- Anthony stressed the importance of site viewing
as given in Guidance Note 21. David will prepare a simplified version of the form in the Guidance Note for members to use on visits and also more detailed maps of the individual sites.

Planning For Real:- This public event will take place in October. Following an availability check by Anthony the weekend 25/26 October has been booked at the Simpson Hall including Friday 24th for setting up. (The date of 18/19 suggested at the meeting is booked for another function) Perhaps another title should be chosen for this event which better reflects its significance.

The kit has also been booked with HC.
Joanna and David will co-operate on producing a notice for the Parish Magazine.

Petty Cash Float:- As PC officer responsible for all financial matters Hazel is concerned about control of the Petty Cash float. She would prefer to have full control of all expenses. Heather will produce an Expenses Form which it is hoped will satisfy Hazel’s concerns.

Training Courses:- David will be attending the Historic Buildings course and Lynnette and Sean the Affordable Housing course.

Next Meeting:- 16th July 2014 at 7.30 pm in Burghill Valley Golf Club.