NDP Notes on a meeting held on 21st May 2014

Notes on a meeting held on 21st May 2014 in Burghill Golf Club

Present:- Anthony Vaughan (chair), Sally Robertson, Bernie Green, Andy Ronneback, Lynnette Lobban, David King, Heather Worth, Joanna Helme, Janette Pudsey, Mike Buffey.

Apologies:- Alan Stokes, Sean Lashley.

Absent:- Harriet Gordon

Items from last meeting:-
Lottery Update:- Grant expected in June (we have had a letter of confirmation since the last meeting and it has been circulated).
Questionnaire Returns:- Percentage return is 63% approx.
Prize Draw:- Kirsty Sockett was the winner and her designated good cause is The Little Princess Charity. PC Clerk to be informed.
Consultants:- Glos. Rural Community Council was the company recommended by Anthony because of their experience, price and availability. The group endorsed his recommendation. Anthony will ask Hazel Philpotts to write to the three local people who expressed an interest in carrying out the work thanking them for their interest. Anthony will inform Glos RCC of their successful quote but Hazel Philpotts will officially appoint them in writing on behalf of PC. (This has now been done)

Land Availability:- The notes and plans for this have been distributed to SG members and are highly confidential. They are not to be disclosed to any third party but will be sent to PC. Protected areas will now be included in these plans. Anthony asked all members to discreetly visit all sites to familiarise themselves with the locations and their suitability for development. This should be carried out within the next four to eight weeks. David will give enlarged plans to Anthony for circulation (now done).
Sally will circulate a further three documents on Land Availability to all members.

Legal Responsibility of SG Members:- If an error is made by an SG member we need to know if this is a group or individual responsibility. Can the PC Indemnity Insurance be extended to cover the Steering Group? Anthony will check with Hazel and ask her to contact the Herefordshire Association of Community Councils (HALC) for legal advice.

HC Core Strategy Document:- the Pre-Submission Publication document will be available for comment from 22nd May until 3rd July for comments. Anthony and David are working on a paper for submission which must be completed and submitted before 3rd July.
Time Line and Financial Planning:- Anthony, Heather and Andy are to meet to review this document. A Cap bill for £298 printing costs has been passed to Hazel. Anthony will contact her regarding itemisation. Heather will send a fully itemised bill. (The £298 has been paid since the SG meeting.)
Standards and Ethics:- A copy of the Notice of Registrable Interests was given to all SG members at the meeting. Signed copies should be returned at the next meeting. If members have problems in this please contact Anthony to discuss.

Next Meeting:- 18th June 2014

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