NDP Notes on a meeting held on 27th April 2015

Notes on a meeting held on 27th April 2015

Present:- Anthony Vaughan, Mike Buffey, Lynnette Loban, Harriette Gordon, Sally Robertson, Hazel Phillpotts Janette Pudsey.

Apologies:- Bernie Green, Joanne Helme, Alan Stokes

Absent:- Julie Devenish

Site Assessment Report:- To be sent to Kirkwells week beginning 1st May together with all supporting documentation. This to include all parishioners comments in full from the Option Days.

Financial Matters:- No reply has been received from the Lottery. Hazel will chase. VAT returns are in hand. DCLG are to be formally asked for £8,000 grant. The financial case for this amount has been passed to Hazel. If there is any possibility of Kirkwells costs exceeding £7900 then PC is to be consulted.

Option Days Analysis:- Parishioners Option Days comments have been collated by Jannette and Harriette and published to SG members. These will be sent to Kirkwells as detailed above.

Examination in Public:- The main concern for Burghill parish in the revised Draft Core Strategy document is the rise in housing requirements from 42 to 102. Submissions on the main modifications are required to be sent to HC by 30th April (extended since the meeting to 22nd May owing to further modifications). A document has been prepared by Anthony (copy circulated at meeting) and Hazel will send this to HC using the required form. The document will be entered into the Document Control system by Andy before being passed to Hazel.

Proposed Development Sites in Parish:-

Farmcare:- Anthony has asked Saville’s to send him details of redundant buildings on their site.
Pyefinch:- A letter has been received from Owen Hicks replying to parishioners criticisms of the proposed development on the site promising to address their concerns.
Piggaries:- No planning application has yet been made.

Settlement Boundaries:- This will be the next main task for the SG and Anthony asked that members prepare their thoughts on this issue ready for our next meeting.

Possible Museum Site at Hospital Farm :- This proposal is being revived at HC and Sally is keen to pursue it. She will keep us informed of progress.

Printing Costs:- Sally will check the current situation with Ray Wilson and report back.

Next Meeting:- 27th May at 7.00pm in Simpson Hall.
MJB 4.5.15