NDP Notes on a meeting held on 29th October 2014

Notes on a meeting held on 29th October 2014 in Simpson Hall

Present:- Anthony Vaughan (chair), Andy Ronneback, Alan Stokes, Heather Worth, Bernie Green, Lynette Loban, Sally Robertson, Harriet Gordon, Joanna Helme, Mike Buffey, Hazel Philpotts (Parish Clerk).

Apologies:- Janette Pudsey, Sean Lashley (Sean has decided to leave the group because of work commitments). Harriet asked that consideration be given to holding meetings later in the week to improve attendance. It seems that everyone has some days when they are unable to attend. Perhaps we need to be more flexible with our meeting dates.

Items from Last Meeting:-
Resulting from David’s departure and Sean’s resignation we need new members
either from the parish or the PC. The PC has an awareness of this. The group
think it may be better to wait until after the Option Days and then try and
encourage new membership.
The site assessment report has been presented to PC. Hazel attended the
meeting because she wished to advise members of the group that there was
need to protect them from accusations of bias regarding the assessments. The
SG felt that the number of processes that site assessments had to pass through
before the final plan was published would minimise criticism. For example, it
had been decided that site assessment scores were not to be made public and
that comments from parishioners were required on Option Days. In addition,
further assessments and consultations with professional bodies were to take
place before the final plan was put to the parish for approval. The plan could
only go forward if the majority of parishioners approved it.
Finance We are operating well within budget, but need to spend our DCLG
grant allowance before the end of December 2014. We are on track to do this
allowing ample funds for the appointment of consultants after Option Days.

Consultants:- Two potential consultants had been approached. Both were local and ex HC employees. Prices of £40/hr and £90/hr had been quoted. One had worked on Kingsland NDP. If we used our own resources for mapping and printing then we could save a considerable amount. This route will be considered.

Joint PC/SG Meeting:- This will be on Monday 3rd November at 7.30 in Simpson Hall. The possibility of making the NDP a policy type document rather than a site defined document will be discussed.

The current time table for finalisation of the HC Core Strategy is as follows:-
February 2015 Inspection of document by government
May 2015 Document issued for public comment
October 2015 Final document issued
Sally will check if a partially developed Burghill NDP will carry any weight with regard to planning applications.

Scoping Document:- The document confirms a total of 65 maximum dwellings for Burghill Parish. This includes extant planning permissions.

Timeline Chart:- This document was displayed for members comments at the meeting together with maps and definition document.

Options Days:- Joanna tabled the “Vision for our Parish” document for comments. Hazel was of the opinion that this should only be issued following approval by the PC. A discussion followed regarding the role and responsibility of the SG and its relationship to the responsibility of the PC. This will be discussed further at the joint meeting next Monday.
The proposed flyer for the Open Day was tabled by Anthony. Any comments on this should be sent to Anthony.

Option Days Schedule:- Anthony tabled an updated schedule of tasks for the Option Days and asked if everyone would look at progress and note their involvement in various tasks. Many tasks have been already been completed and we are well on schedule at present. An updated schedule is attached.

Next Meeting :- Wednesday 5th November at 9.00am in Simpson Hall
MJB 2.11.14