NDP Notes on a meeting held on 6th August 2014

Notes on a meeting held on 6th August 2014 in Burghill Golf Club.

Present:- Anthony Vaughan (chair), Bernie Green, Sally Robertson, Harriet Gordon, Joanna Helme,
Lynnette Loban, Andy Ronneback, Mike Buffey, David King, Sean Lashley.

Apologies:- Alan Stokes, Heather Worth, Janette Pudsey.

Items from last meeting:-
Recording of Interest Forms:- These have now all been returned.
Questionnaire:- Final report from GlosRCC, complete with histograms, has been well received
by the group. Final layout now approved. After we receive the final report it can be
circulated with postings on the parish website and wider availability.
Time Line & Financial Planning:- Large printer will be required soon. Hazel is checking prices
at the moment. A binding machine will also be required at an approximate cost of £40. The
CAP is also thinking of buying one of these. We may be able to borrow it.
Site Viewing:- The final Site Information forms have been given to all members and
assessments are to be completed by 11th September. Sally is still awaiting legal advice
regarding her involvement. Memory sticks containing site details were issued to aid
assessments. These should be circulated.

Scoping Report:- Anthony and David held a meeting with Ted Bannister on this subject. Some
of the agreed changes have been made and some are still outstanding. Ted’s comments are
now awaited. It was noted that the report does not reflect the latest draft core strategy.
Public Participation:- The Simpson Hall will not be available on Friday 14th November until
6.00pm at the earliest. Notice boards will be collected on 14th. The exhibition will be open to
the public from 10.00am to 6.00pm on Saturday and Sunday.
Joanna will write a draft notice for inclusion in the next Community Mag and send it to David.
for putting into its final form. Sally will use the remaining half page as before.

Planning Consultants:- Now to be chosen. We can possibly ask someone to give a presentation.
Cash Flow:- It was noted that the £7,000 DCLG grant must be spent by the end of the year. The grant
cannot be used for capital items.

PC Meeting:- Joanna will write a short update and present it at the next PC meeting.

AOB:- The local authority has biodiversity action plans for the county which include wildlife sites.
David will obtain copies for our area and work up a set of maps for our consultation process.

Allotments:- It was suggested that the Welcome Trust (recent purchasers of Co-op orchards)
might possibly provide land for allotments in the parish.

Site Assesment Meetings:- Anthony will book the upstairs room in Simpson Hall for 22nd and 24th
September at 7.00pm for consolidation of individual land use assessments.

Next Meeting:- Wednesday 17th September at 7.30pm in Burghill Golf Club.