NDP Notes on a Meeting held on 6th October 2015

Notes on a Meeting held on 6th October 2015 at Simpson Hall

Present:- Anthony Vaughan, Andy Ronneback, Bernie Green, Janette Pudsey, Sally Robertson, Lynette Loban, Hazel Philpotts, Joanna Helme.

Apologies:- Alan Stokes.

Absent:- Harriet Gordon.

Core Strategy:- The Inspectors’ report on the draft has been published together with the Major Modifications. HC will most likely adopt these MM’s and change the draft to align. The 18% growth factor applied over the total houses in the parish is likely to remain despite submissions made by the PC to reduce this percentage. It is not appropriate for Tillington Common to be given a Settlement Boundary because of the rural nature and spread of housing in this location.
Draft NP:- AV thanked all who had given observations and comments on this draft document. AR has been collating them and will send the results to Claire Parker at Kirkwells so that the draft can be updated.

We will require a histogram showing housing growth in the parish to be incorporated and AV will provide this.
Graphics for front and rear covers will be sent to Kirkwells.
The design Guidance document was modified to specify a minimum of two parking spaces for cars for each property with a further requirement that at least 50% of houses will be provided with a garage.

Information regarding Burghill Academy will be provided by Joanna. She will contact the head to ask about numbers etc.
Percentage figures regarding Option Day results will be sent to Kirkwells.
Site Assessments by Consultants:- Av presented tables showing site assessments and housing totals from consultants based on housing densities of 30 per hectare ( CS requirement and used by consultants), 25 per hectare ( currently included in NDP) and housing density of 10/12 per site (preferred by Option Day visitors). Suggested modified Settlement Boundary maps for Lower Burlton and Tillington were also tabled.

We have now reached a point where final information needs to be shared and explained to PC members so that they can make an informed decision. Hazel will discuss with Mark Ellis a suitable date for an information exchange between the SG and PC. Since the meeting this has been set for Wednesday 14th October at 7.00pm in Simpson Hall.
Photographs for NDP covers:- Please continue sending photographs of the parish to Andy for possible inclusion on the front and rear covers of our NDP document. Hazel will ask PC members if they have photographs they would like to submit. Harriet has asked that photographs of the dovecote are not taken. Members are reminded that if an individual house is photographed then permission from the owner is required before the photograph is submitted.

Protected Sites:- Suggested protected sites have been proposed as follows:- Tillington Common, The Bird Pool, Whitmore Common, The Copse, Green areas at Leasown, The Deer Park at St Marys, The green at Redstone, and The Cricket Club Ground. Any other proposals would be welcome.

Timetable:- It is hoped that the production of the modified draft for public comment will become available in early January 2016. Copies will be distributed around the parish including the Simpson Hall. SG members will be available for information and explanation in the Simpson Hall on Wednesday mornings once the draft is made public.