NDP Notes on a meeting held on 8th October 2014

Notes on a meeting held on 8th October 2014 in Simpsom Hall

Present:- Anthony Vaughan (chair), Joanna Helme, Sally Robertson, Lynnette Loban,
Mike Buffey, David King, Janette Pudsey, Bernie Green, Andy Ronneback.

Apologies:- Harriet Gordon, Alan Stokes, Sean Lashley.
At the start of the meeting David King read a prepared statement announcing his
immediate resignation from the group and giving reasons for his decision. Members expressed their regret that he should have felt it necessary to make such a decision and thanked him for the huge amount of work that he had carried out for the SG during his time of membership. David then left the meeting. The main thrust of his statement is as follows:-
“I disagreed with the methodology for bringing together the group’s individual assessments ;I thought that insufficient time had been given for full and proper discussion; that the composite assessments are premature, and have not taken parishioners views into account at the forthcoming Option Days. And I feel that the views of members of the Steering Group are not adequately being taken into account due to an excessively autocratic style of leadership.”

After David’s departure the chairman also left the room after asking members to consider what had been said by David. He asked them to consider if he personally should continue as chairman following David’s criticisms. Members were unanimous in their view that Anthony should continue as chairman and that they had full confidence in him. The meeting then resumed.
Documents:- Anthony will ask David for computerised copies of all documents he has
prepared for SG.

SG Membership:- In view of David’s resignation new member/s may be required. A
PC member was suggested and any other possible candidate’s name should be given to Anthony.

Option Days Organisation:-
Anthony will attend next PC meeting to present NDP site assessment report and seek approval for this. PC members will be asked to help at Open Days. (Anthony/Bernie)
Anthony tabled an updated route map showing procedures. Any comments or suggestions should be sent to Anthony.
Andy tabled a prototype flyer for the event, the final version of which is to be in colour. The group approved the flyer. Andy will print six A3 size posters in addition to the A4 size flyers. Flyers will be distributed the weekend before the event. (Bernie and Sally ) Sally will put a notice in the HT under County Times heading advertising the event.
No SG scores or land use will be provided for public consultation.
Photographs of sites will be projected onto a screen as a rotating display. Janette
and Joanna are looking into providing photographs.
Sally will contact CAP regarding use of small projector.
The maximum and minimum numbers of dwellings required by the draft CS will be displayed. Anthony will write a piece for this display.
Large scale maps of all sites will be displayed. The parish will be split into five zones for this:- A4110, Burghill, Tillington, Tillington Common & South of Parish. Andy
Janette will provide the public comments form for visitors to comment on all sites. Joanna will provide Janette with site photographs for the forms. A box will be provided for deposit of all completed forms. Who?
Andy will attempt to remove BAP layers off maps. He will contact David for info. Mike has Adobe Photoshop Elements installed on his computer and this may be of help.
Old parish maps will not be used.
Anthony will provide flow charts including expenditure charts.
Sally and her team of volunteers will arrange refreshments throughout the day (tea, coffee, biscuits).
Selected pages from the completed questionnaire will be selected by Joanna and Andy will print out blowups of these. Objectives will be displayed and rated. Joanna
Sally will provide PDF of Burghill village Settlement Boundary to Andy for printing and display. The public will be asked to comment on this plan. COMMENT FORM IS REQUIRED FOR THIS. There is no Settlement Boundary Plan for Tillington.
Andy has asked that all word documents sent to him be in VERDANA font. All

Next Meeting:- Anthony will check availability at Simpson Hall. A Monday evening would seem to be a popular evening
Print Paper:- Banner paper is available for printing if required.
5.5 Year Housing Supply:- This is now tied in to the Core Strategy and no sites are available in Burghill.
Northern Relief Road:- Sally will provide update information regarding this project to Janette.
Agenda:-Andy suggested that it might be better to provide a more formal agenda in future with AOB at the end. Anthony
MJB 9.10.14