Notes on a meeting held on 17th September 2014

Notes on a meeting held on 17th September 2014 in Burghill Golf Club.

Present:- Anthony Vaughan (chair), Andy Ronneback, Janette Pudsey, Lynnette Loban,
Bernie Green, Mike Buffey, David King, Heather Worth, Harriet Gordon,
Joanna Helme.
Apologies:- Sally Robertson, Sean Lashley, Alan Stokes.

Items from last meeting:-
Questionnaire:- Final version is now on parish website. Bound copies will be
printed for PC and Options Days when a spiral binder is available.

Printer:- Concern was expressed that this item had not yet been purchased.
Since the meeting it has been confirmed that it has now been ordered and delivery is
expected week ending25th September. Puechase of binder (approx cost £40).

Site Viewing:- SG assessments to be collated over two meetings on Monday and
Wednesday 22nd and 24th September.

Scoping Report:- Not all our requests for corrections have been included in the
scoping document. HC was informed about omissions and we have been promised
that they will be included in the final version.

Core Strategy:- SG has proposed that only Burghill should be regarded as village for
growth and not both Burghill and Tillington. If this is accepted by HC then the growth
requirements for the parish would be considerably reduced.

Options Days:- Anthony tabled a proposal for display items and asked for comments.
The event will be published in the Community Magazine and also on the website.
Flyers will be printed and Bernie will organise the delivery of these throughout the
parish. We may ask PC members to be involved on the option days to boost manning

Update on SG activities at PC meeting:- Joanna attended the PC meeting and
updated the PC on the site assessments that were now being carried out by SG

Biodiversity Plans:- Plans have now been received from HC. SG is disputing a
bill of £150 for these and have asked HC to bear the cost.

Allotments:- Suggestions for allotment sites have been received since the
meeting and these are within the suggested sites.

Planning Consultants:- It is likely that consultation will be commenced following
digestion of public comments at Option Days.

Settlement Boundaries:- The proposal maps are available on HC website. The SG
needs to consider if Burghill’s boundaries need to change.

Accounts:- Heather will continue to control the SG accounts but will not be able to
continue as an active SG member.

Next Meeting:- TBA
MJB 23.9.13