Notes on a Meeting Held on 17th September 2015

Notes on a Meeting Held on 17th September at Simpson Hall

Present:- Anthony Vaughan, Janette Pudsey, Sally Robertson, Bernie Green, Joanna Helme, Harriet Gordon, Andy Ronneback, Lynette Loban, Alan Stokes, Mike Buffey.

Apologies:- Hazel Philpotts

Examination in Public of Core Strategy:- The latest information regarding finalisation of the CS is some time in October. At this time UDP items will be deleted from our draft NDP and everything aligned with the CS

Draft NDP:- . It is important that comments on the existing draft are sent to Andy by 21st September by both SG members and PC members.
The next PC meeting is scheduled for 28th November. Our aim is for Kirkwells to complete the modified draft by 1st November so that both SG and PC members can study it before the PC meeting.

A planning decision on Pyefinch is expected on 5th October. This may affect our plan.
It is still uncertain whether Tillington includes Tillington Common. We will need a paragraph in our NP to explain why Tillington Common does not have a Settlement Boundary. Finalisation of the CS will hopefully help us define this.

Presentation of the document needs improvement. Graphical representations instead of percentages would help. References should be added. The front and rear covers need to be improved. Andy, Sally and Harriet will consult with Ray Wilson on this point. It was agreed that our normal border will be used and a central, oval orchard logo will be surrounded by a montage of views of the parish.

The draft needs to differentiate between “footpaths“ and “footways”.

Andy will check if it was agreed that Hospital Farm was included in the Settlement Boundary at Lower Burlton.

It was agreed that we will not include a chapter on important and significant views since this may cause problems. We agreed instead to insert photographs throughout the text showing the rural character of our parish. Photographs from SG members should be sent to Andy so that he can pass them on to Kirkwells.

There needs to be recognition in the document to the almost 5,000 pieces of information that were analysed as a result of our Option Days.

The existing Travellers Site in the parish (three statics and one pitch) needs to be added to our draft NDP.

The Design Standards document provided by Kirkwells which has already been amended by Anthony may need further comments from SG and PC members. These should be sent to Anthony.
It was decided to add Windfall Sites to our schedule.

Site 10 on schedule:- max number of dwellings to be reduced to 10 and only Suggested Dwelling Numbers to be included not max number.
Site Assessments by Consultants:- Following the meeting, Kirkwells informed Anthony that the assessments would be sent to us on Tuesday 22nd September.

Next Meeting:- 6th October, venue to be arranged.

A meeting to finalise comments on the draft will be arranged after 21st September.
MJB 18.9.15