Extraordinary meeting 23rd August 2016

Extraordinary meeting of Burghill Parish Council be held Tuesday 23rd August 2016 at 7.30pm in the Simpson Hall


Present: Mark Ellis, Alan Stokes, Alister Walshe, Pat Groves, Martin Doughty, Janette Pudsey, Bernie Green, David Bishop, Sally Robertson, Dilys Price, David Warren
In attendance: Ward Councillors Pauline Crockett, parish clerk Hazel Philpotts, approx 18 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence received from: Beryl Staite, Pat Eagling, Antoinette Powell, Ian Watkins

2. To receive declarations of interest recorded in the book

3. Minutes – minutes of meeting held on 13th July 2016 adoped and signed by the chairman, clerk to circulate in future as a PDF not word document to prevent difficulties opening. Proposed by JP seconded by MD.

4. Planning: to consider the following applications

a) Consider and agree response to planning application 161831 The Dees, Tillington Court Farm Road, replace existing detached garage with 1.5 storey double garage attached to existing bungalow, plus other alterations. No windows on either side overlooking the neighbours. Resolved to make a ‘No objection’ response.

b) Consider and agree response to planning application 162299 Land off Canon Pyon Road, development of up to 10 detached two storey houses. Neighbour Mrs Fenton circulated at the meeting a written objection. NDP classes it as a possible housing site not an allocated site as the application’s design and access statement incorrectly states. Application does not give sufficient information. A number of issues outlined by JP that would require clarification, dealing with foul water etc should be signed off before planning permission is granted. Traffic issues need to be clarified, it was suggested that a footpath be provided to avoid pedestrians crossing over the A4110 to the footpath opposite. Density of proposed housing questioned. Residents outlined their objections which include drainage, flooding and visibility issues around the proposed access. Residents have septic tanks and spreaders on the land and have rights of access etc which need to be taken into account.
PC resolved to request an extension to the next meeting (14 September), to allow the PC to make a site visit. A response from the Transport Department would be required, also the contamination land officer and the Highways Officer.
Clerk also to contact HC planning officer and point out that the following issues exist and require clarification:
Access for septic tanks over private land
Gradient rise and visibility splay
Drainage scheme
Historical flooding issue and possible instability of an old quarry site
Parishioners have made the PC aware of legal issues required rights of drainage and covenants providing access to the land for emptying septic tanks.
Ask Planning Officer to negotiate with the applicant for permission to go onto the ground for a site visit.

c) Consider and agree response to planning application 162308 Woodfields Farm, Badnage Lane, Tillington, prior approval for proposed conversion of former piggery to 2 dwellings. Resolved to instruct clerk to object to the application on same grounds as previous application (sustainability, biodiversity, access and unsuitable lane location, flooding, drainage and site being open countryside).

d) Consider and agree response to planning application 162018 retrospective application for 15m of 2.6m high fencing to be retained at The Spinney, Burghill neighbour informed the meeting that at points the fence is 3m high. Resolved to object to the application for retrospective planning permission due to the visual impact of the fence and the impact of the fence on residential amenity. PC is particularly concerned that the fence is covering the neighbours’ central heating boiler flue, and there may be issues with regard to emissions and safety etc. The fence is also out of character with the village.

e) Consider and agree response to planning applications 162300 and 162301 (Listed Building consent) Burghill Lodge, Canon Pyon for renovation of and alterations to existing house to include conservatory extension and conversion of north/south barns. Conservation of timber frame dwelling (all as approvals P152529 and P152530). Resolved to make a ‘no objection’ submission to both.

f) Consider and agree response to planning application 161834 development at Pyefinch meadow (approval of reserved matters) (PC’s request for a meeting with the developer, his architect/agent and neighbours was declined). PC would like to see management structure is in place prior to the commencement of the site in readiness to take over the site on completion. PC also considers that Redstone cross roads is not being sufficiently improved.

g) Consider and agree response to amended/additional plans submitted for planning application 160048 corner of Tillington / Roman Road. PC agreed no additional comment required as previous objections remain unaffected.

h) Applications update – circulated and noted.

5. Public participation session not taken up.

6. Finance

a) payment of invoices approved:
H Philpotts (clerks salary and expenses) £475.98
Simpson Hall (room hire) £96.00
P Dray (cutting Tillington Common) £300.00

7. Update on process for recruitment of new clerk

8. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 14th September 2016