Meeting 14th September 2016

Meeting held Wednesday 14th September 2016 at 7.30pm in the Simpson Hall


Present: Alan Stokes, Bernie Green, Janette Pudsey, Alister Walshe, Martin Doughty, Pat Groves, Pat Eagling,
Antoinette Powell, Dilys Price, Beryl Staite, David Bishop

In attendance: Hazel Philpotts (parish clerk), Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, 10 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence (Mark Ellis, David Warren, Sally Robertson, Ian Watkins)

2. Declarations of interest recorded in the book

3. Minutes of meeting held on 23rd August 2016 accepted, adopted by the PC and signed by the chair.

4. Planning: the following applications were considered:

a) Consider and agree response to planning application 162299 Land off Canon Pyon Road, development of up to 10 detached two storey houses. Janette Pudsey read out proposed response (below), which was approved for submission to HC by the clerk.
On Monday 12th September several members of the Parish Council visited the site and met with local residents who articulated clear concerns regarding access, viability of existing infrastructure, detrimental effect on their living standards, concerns over road safety for pedestrians, easement rights and risk to wildlife habitats. Having considered all of the documentation submitted to Herefordshire Council from the Developers, it is believed that Burghill Parish Council should not support the Planning Application for the following reasons:
i. Concern over access to the site from the Canon Pyon Road.
There is a substantial fall from the roadway to the site and this particular section of road regularly floods, potentially leading to flooding issues on the site as a whole. Also there is concern over ownership of a ransom strip adjoining the A4110

ii. The pedestrian access to and from the site is inadequate. When originally assessed it was believed that access could be obtained for pedestrians and cyclists directly onto the Roman Road. This appears not to be the case as the proposed pathway does have considerable access constraints governed by surrounding properties. The footpath described as an access to the site can only be used by pedestrians, who will be required to cross the busy A4110 where there is a speed limit of 40MPH. It is not adequate to be used as a ‘safe route to schools’

iii. The proposed Development does not conform with the layout and size as described in the Draft Burghill Neighbourhood Development Plan. Namely that the type of housing, large detached dwellings which, by the developers evidence, will cater for 3 cars each, is not consistent with the mix of housing desired by residents of Burghill. The proposed arrangement and orientation of the dwellings would materially harm the living conditions of neighbouring properties.

iv. The proposed development does not indicate any provision for amenity areas.

v. The proposed development provides insufficient detail regarding existing utilities and whether they can meet the requirements of the site. The easement rights enjoyed by neighbouring properties which are served by septic tank drainage across the site are not addressed.

vi. There is insufficient information with regard to wildlife habitats and existing tree preservation orders.

b) Consider and agree response to planning application 162309 Woodfields Farm, Badnage Lane, Tillington, planning permission for conversion of a Dutch barn to one dwelling. Resolved to object on grounds of sustainability, biodiversity, flooding, unsuitable lane for traffic, drainage issues.

c) Applications update circulated and noted.

d) Discuss and agree dates for HALC planning training: Mark and Alan to liaise with Lynda Wilcox.

5. Neighbourhood Development Plan update no word from HC yet, hopefully next week.

6. Public participation session (max 10 mins) members of the public are invited to speak or raise a matter for consideration at a future meeting. Not taken up.

7. Finance

a) payment of invoices approved:
H Philpotts (clerks salary and expenses) £623.51
R Mills (lengthsman work) £76.80
Eyelid Productions Ltd (website maint) £100.00
b) Bank reconciliation report prepared by clerk, verified by Janette Pudsey, accepted by PC, signed by chair.

8. Update from Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, and request for lengthsman to cut hedge belonging to Herefordshire Council at Elton’s Marsh:
HC have 2 live public consultations, local plan for travellers sites, also Herefordshire budget. Both open on HC’s website.
Pothole reporting can be done through HC’s website.
HC has sold Bath Street offices, (will be accommodation for Cathedral school), Planning Officers moving to Plough Lane, Blueschool street being refurbed.
Planning in High Town now approved for burnt out building.
Hereford race course reopening.
3 plots being sold at Rotherwas Enterprise zone.
Two burghill applications being redirected to planning committee; corner of Tillington and Roman roads, fence at The Spinney.
Traffic monitoring near Burghill school taking place soon.
Hedge at Elton’s Marsh resident asked Pauline for a hedge to be cut that is owned by Herefordshire Council, PC discussed Pauline’s request that the lengthsman be asked to carry out the work and resolved to advise Pauline to take back to Balfour Beatty as owners of hedges are responsible for maintenance.

9. Proposal for a ‘No cold calling’ zone in the parish Sally to be asked for more information for next meeting, how many signs where, who will monitor and ‘police’ it. Agenda item for October.

10. Update on quotes obtained for a bus shelter at Leasown, Sally to continue to get permissions and prices for inclusion in the budget for next years. Sally to be asked to see if community funding might be available.

11. Lengthsman & P3 scheme update Culvert blocked near Haven Cottages corner of Badnage Lane road floods there instead of by Domino Cottage, clerk to instruct lengthsman to investigate.

12. Commons update: posts need replacing at top of Tillington Common. Clerk to instruct lengthsman.

13. Correspondence, HALC and NALC updates noted.

14. Update on process for recruitment of new clerk interviewing on 30th September, which is also currently clerks last day with PC. New clerk to take over before next meeting, outgoing clerk will assist with handover but is not available for next meeting.

15. Items for next meeting: gates at entrance to village, 20mph for Burghill school area, road safety measures to combat speeding vehicles.

16. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 12th October 2016