Minutes 10th February 2016

Meeting held Wednesday 10th February 2016 at 7.30pm in the Simpson Hall

Present: Alan Stokes (chair), Janette Pudsey, Bernie Green, Martin Doughty, Pat Groves, David Bishop,
David Warren, Pat Eagling, Dilys Price, Antoinette Powell, Sally Robertson, Beryl Staite, Alistair Walshe
In attendance: Hazel Philpotts parish clerk, NDP SG members Anthony Vaughan and Andy Ronneback,
approximately 16 members of the public

1. apologies for absence: received from Ian Watkins , Mark Ellis, Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett

2. To receive declarations of interest: A Stokes item 4a personal, Alister Walshe item 12 personal, David Bishop item 10, personal, Antoinette Powell item 4e personal.

3. Minutes – minutes of meeting held on 13th January 2016 accepted, signed and adopted by the PC.

4. Planning

a) Consider application 160048 Land between Tillington and Roman Roads, outline application for development of up to 50 residential dwellings with associated access:
Janette Pudsey pointed out that the application document refers to the site as brownfield, which is incorrect, the site is open countryside. Noise impact assessment carried out only over 24 hours which does not give a very good representation. Applicants stated trip average is exceedingly low suggesting car use will be a minimum despite providing two car spaces per dwelling. Design and Access statement includes for a turning head at the site boundary for possible future extension of the site which would support urban creep. Local residents expressed concern that development would be in open countryside setting a precedent for further development on arable land in the area, also concern regarding volume, speed and noise of traffic. Traffic will be queuing in the morning across the entrance to the site. If the site beyond is developed the additional traffic will be even more significant, particularly backing up the road in the mornings.
MD proposed objection SR seconded, resolved to submit objection citing the above concerns.
b) Consider application153810: Tillington Fruit Farm, Crowmore Lane change of use of agricultural office building to residential dwelling
Pat Groves had delivered notices to residents commented on how narrow the lane is, and has no passing places. Resident of Tillington mentioned how poor the drainage is in the area and the concern for land to take additional sewerage and drainage; the proposal does not specify how waste water will be managed. Junction of Crowmore Lane and Tillington Road very hazardous and unsuitable for additional traffic. PG proposed objection PE seconded, resolved to submit objection for reasons above.
c) Consider HC’s request for decision on whether street lighting at Pyefinch is required SR delivered letters to local residents and spoke to those who would be affected, concern about light intrusion and urbanisation, Parish Council resolved to object in support of local feeling and to prevent urbanisation. Clerk also asked to point out that it is premature to ask at this stage.
d) Appointment of Tree Warden, SR has approached Terry Peters, clerk to invite him to the next meeting.
e) Consider applications for work to trees adjacent to Rookwood and Old Telephone Exchange (app 160182) unavoidable work to safeguard power lines, no objection. The Laurels, Burghill (app 160284) not circulated, clerk to circulate for councillors to view and comment via email.
f) Applications update: Three Shires Nursery site and application, planning officer is mindful to approve under delegated powers despite highways objection, Ward Councillor will ask for it to be decided by committee. Gospel Hall approved with conditions.
5. Update from Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett:
a) Small holdings sales going through, despite many Ward Members expressing discontent, to be discussed again at Cabinet meeting tomorrow.
b) No 1 Ledbury road remaining open for at least the next year, Cabinet responded to our concerns and recommendations.
c) BBLP now responsible for litter bin emptying.
d) Queenswood and Bodenham lakes handover expected 1st March, parking charges to start from that date.
e) Speed watch meeting with Ian Connally, Safer Road Partnership (Feb 17th) to discuss Wooton Lane and Tillington due to ongoing historical concerns
f) Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. Programme of events being organised by HC and will be published on website.

6. Finance

a) Payment of invoices approved:
Richard Mills (Domino Cottage drain investigation, lengthsman and P3 work) £480.00
Viking (stationery and paper) £214.46
Cartridge Save £771.66
Eyelid Productions Ltd (M Millmore)£30.00
A Vaughan (NDP SG expenses) £62.88

7. Discuss suggestion of PC providing a defibrillator installed at Simpson Hall for community use. Clerk work with Beryl Staite get more info for future meeting. Councillors to email clerk with suggestions for sites if not Simpson Hall.

8. Parish Litter Pick 12th March: call for volunteers, clerk to inform insurance company of the event and update risk assessment.

9. Public participation session members of the public are invited to speak (max 10 mins)
Joanna Helme concerned regarding Tillington Road being in a very poor state HP pass on to Pauline Crockett and BB.
NDP question 6 week consultation: at the end, how are the comments going to be assessed and amendments made to the plan? Comments will be assembled into a schedule of comments and the PC will decide on how the plan will be amended. Then it goes to HC for approval. The schedule of comments will be a public document comments may be summarised, then the PC takes the decision as to whether individual comments and feedback should result in changes to the NDP.
Member of the public referred to the Three Shires Nursery planning application, disputing Highways’ comment as the site would be going from business premises to residential.

10. Neighbourhood Development Plan:

a) Update on consultation which closes on 2nd March 2016: AV updated on where documents are available. So far 5 comments have been received and 10 visitors to the open events at CAP sessiions. No further actions required at the present, revisions to the plan will require approval after the close of the consultation.
b) 106 Funding policy/projects. Agenda item for next PC meeting, also to review the original list in the parish plan.

11. Lengthsman and P3 scheme update and highways issues for reporting, including update on flooding at Domino Cottage. One issue on footpath which may be blocked on land near Burlton Court MD will investigate. Clerk to liaise with BB for jetting of drains near Domino Cottage.

12. Dog fouling becoming a problem in the village especially on the green areas and footpaths. SR will liaise with Pauline Crockett to get HC’s dog warden involved.

13. Commons update: WPD contacted the clerk to request permission to pollard trees on Whitmore Common which are damaging power lines (clerk gave permission) and Richard Downes’ offer to clear away a fallen hawthorn tree on Tillington Common accepted.

14. Website update ongoing process to get all info onto website. HALC may be taking on the hosting of PC websites.

15. Correspondence, HALC and NALC updates noted.

16. Date of next meeting: proposal to move March meeting to 23rd March to allow for analysis of NDP comments and feedback, and preparation of report and recommendations for amendment of Plan agreed.

Clerk to update website with 23 rd March for next meeting.