Minutes 13th April 2016

Meeting held Wednesday 13th April 2016 at 7.30pm in the Simpson Hall


Present: Mark Ellis, Alan Stokes, Bernie Green, Janette Pudsey, Pat Groves, Antoinette Powell, Dilys Price, Pat Eagling, David Warren, David Bishop, Ian Watkins

In attendance: Hazel Philpotts (parish clerk), Anthony Vaughan NDP Steering Group chair, Andy Ronneback, 5 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence: Alister Walshe, Martin Doughty, Sally Robertson, Pauline Crockett

2. To receive declarations of interest: recorded in the book

3. Minutes – of the meeting held on 23rd March 2016, accepted and adopted by the parish council (proposed by AP seconded by DP). Further comment on David Bishop’s note in the previous minutes, not possible to have a condition in the NDP that if sites come on then others should be deleted as the process would have to be repeated (consultation, redrafting and referendum etc.) The only alternative would be to pause the process for a while until the result of planning applications are known, this would have to be a PC decision. Once the plan is adopted the settlement boundaries will be fixed.

4. Planning:

a) Applications update 24 Hospital Houses, amended plans show the height of the roof lines has been reduced by 8”, footprint of the house has not changed. No change to PC’s comments already submitted.
b) Update on previous Tillington Fruit Farm applications and 106 funding email from Savills circulated (Chloe Clark). Simon Withers informed the chairman that the PC could ask for a planning condition relating the planning application such as highway improvements. The outcome of a meeting with HC’s Highways Engineer was that the PC could ask for speed limit repeater signs and roundalls on the road with speed limit, clerk to formally request these as a planning condition of Pauline Crockett. Also ask Pauline to challenge the Highways Engineer’s advice which was calculated on assumptions without taking formal measurements.
c) 106 Funding policy/projects, including agree comments to HC’s Community Infrastructure Levy consultation which closes on 28th April 2016. Mark Ellis has spoken to Alister Walsh and chair of Stretton Sugwas PC. Mark to liaise with Pauline Crocket and reply on behalf of the PC.
d) HC is keeping Towtree Farm potentially on route for the bypass and Hospital Farm is a potential housing development.

5. Neighbourhood Development Plan:

a) Report from the Steering Group on progress on the NDP. AV read his report in full. PC approved the sending of the comments to Kirkwells for assessment and updating draft of the NDP.
b) A1 printer is no longer required by the NDP SG, clerk to discuss with Sally Robertson whether printer could be retained by the for community use.

6. Update from Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett

a) Cabinet meeting tomorrow (14 April) includes agenda item on Smallholdings Disposal Plan and the future delivery arrangements for SHYPP (Supported Housing for Young Persons Project)
b) The sale of Brockington has now been finalised (£1.48m) which is less than previously expected.
c) Pauline expressed thanks to Anthony Vaughan for his support regarding the Whitmore Cross roads issue. This was following a meeting with the Area Engineer (Development Control) for Transportation to explore options for this dangerous junction that leads from the proposed conversions at Tillington Fruit Farms. At present a bat survey has been requested and an a decision is not expected until July/August.

7. Finance payment of the following invoices was approved:
H Philpotts (clerks salary and expenses) £864.95
HALC annual subscription £842.73
R Mills lengthsman work £1280.40
Kirkwells (NDP consultants fees) £1752.00

8. Lengthsman & P3 scheme update clerk reported that HC had reversed Balfour Beatty’s decision to remove Burghill from the two schemes, clerk had submitted invoices for 2015/16 costs and costed action plan and contract for 2016/17.

9. Commons update clerk to put advert into parish magazine for the hay crop on Tillington Common.

10. Notice boards to be renewed at church, school and Bell Inn, clerk to order boards Mark Ellis will arrange fitting.

11. Website update. Put website address in the parish magazine.

12. Correspondence, HALC and NALC updates circulated and noted.

13. Update on process for recruitment of new clerk: £200 for HALC to run the process, interview panel to include Janette Pudsey, Pat Groves and David Bishop.

14. Items for next meeting

15. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 11th May 2016 7pm for the annual parish meeting followed by the annual meeting of the parish council.