Minutes 13th July 2016

Wednesday 13th July 2016 at 7.30pm in the Simpson Hall


Present: Mark Ellis (chair), Alan Stokes (vice-chair), Janette Pudsey, Antoinette Powell, David Warren, Pat Eagling, Dilys Price, Pat Groves, Martin Doughty, Ian Watkins, Sally Robertson, David Bishop, Alister Walshe, Beryl Staite
In attendance: Hazel Philpotts parish clerk, Pauline Crockett HC ward councillor, Anthony Vaughan chair of NDP steering group, 15 members of the public

1. To accept apologies for absence: Bernie Green

2. To receive declarations of interest made by David Warren (items 8a and 12), Dilys Price (item 11), Sally Robertson (items 5a, 5d, 11 and 8), Alister Walshe (item 10)

3. Minutes – minutes of meeting held on 8th June 2016, acceptance proposed by AP seconded by AS, adopted by the parish council and signed by the chair.

4. Neighbourhood Development Plan: update by Anthony Vaughan, draft plan has been submitted to HC for the Section 16 consultation stage, which entails 6 weeks of public consultation arranged by HC before going to the examiner, after which a final draft will be produced taking into account comments as necessary. After which a local referendum will be held. Consultation begins today and ends on 24th August.

5. Planning: to consider the following applications

a) Consider and agree response to planning application 161722 The Villa Burghill (new dwelling and garage using existing access). Sally has spoken to the neighbours, no objections, but would like to request no overlooking windows and that existing building line be retained. Access onto the main Burghill road, splay could be improved. PC agreed a no objection response but would like the Sally’s points taken into consideration and made conditions of any approval.
b) Consider and agree response to planning application 161800 11 Chestnut Drive (replace a conservatory with a single storey extension). Janette has spoken to the property owners seen the site, extension will be 1m longer than the existing extension, put a note through only affected neighbours door no response. PC agreed no objection.
c) Consider and agree response to planning application 161834, development at Pyefinch meadow (approval of reserved matters). Sally has spoken to residents, concern that 5 bedroom properties have been introduced; NDP identified a need for more 2 bed properties. Strip of land to be retained as a corridor has been narrowed. NDP also identified need for single storey properties, none proposed. Balance of housing does not match what has been identified in NDP. Resident Joanna Helme concerned regarding responsibility for ongoing maintenance of foul water tanks, pumping machinery, footpaths and hedges that will not border any specific property. Will a management company be set up to deal with future maintenance and how will the cost be met? Visibility splay should be more generous to ensure road safety. Clerk to request of HC an extension of time to allow a meeting between developer architect and local residents, and to organise the meeting.
Object until the following points have been addressed: concern regarding environmental strip, percentage of 4/5 bedroom houses, no single storey properties, clarification of maintenance of pumping units, entrance splay, other ongoing maintenance.
d) Presentation by Mrs Angela Tyler, planning agent for Mr Martin Crockett, prior to submission of a planning application for a 2 bedroom bungalow on land adjacent to The Old Chapel, Tillington. Intention is to submit a planning application in 5 to 6 weeks time. Closest neighbour is Andy Ronneback who spoke in support of the application. Presentation received a mixed response and comments from Councillors.
e) Applications update, circulated and noted.

6. Public participation session members of the public are invited to speak (max 10 mins) Sally Robertson represented two residents attending the meeting and presented a petition which has been received for a bus shelter at the bus stop at Leasown. Previous petition was refused by the PC due to potential antisocial behaviour and possibility of setting a precedent for other bus stops in the parish requiring a shelter. However age range of residents in the Leasown area has risen and need for a shelter in the winter has been expressed by many residents. Sally has some prices; cost could range from approximately from £900 up to £10,000. Maintenance would fall to the parish council. Land belongs to Herefordshire Housing who would have to be approached for permission. Mark suggested putting it into the 106 funding requirement for Pyefinch. Sally will gather more information for the September meeting.

7. Update from Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett:
City link road under way Aylestone Hill to Edgar Street
Southern link road has been given approval, from Abergavenny Road to Ross Road at Rotherwas.
Full council meeting Friday 15 July, Hereford University’s application for £300,000 of funding will be decided.
Queenswood Park setting up a site management group and looking for local people to join, anyone interested in becoming involved please contact Pauline.
Handing in a petition on Friday regarding speeding near Burghill Academy asking for limit to be reduced to 20mph, and Pauline wants speed bumps. Awaiting costings for traffic calming measures.

8. Finance

a) Payment of agreed annual donations:
Burghill CAP £500.00
Simpson Hall £100.00
Royal British Legion £25.00 (poppy wreath for Remembrance Day)
Paintpots Playgroup £150.00 payment suspended as Playgroup closing on Tuesday
Burghill Scouts and Guides £150.00
Hereford Citizens Advice Bureau £100.00
b) payment of invoices agreed:
H Philpotts (clerks salary and expenses) £429.93
R Mills £1795.74 (lengthsman & Burghill in Bloom £1407.72 P3 work £388.02)
Burghill CAP (NDP printing) £45.64
Eyelid Productions (website updating) £30.00

9. Lengthsman & P3 scheme update, report work for the lengthsman to clerk and potholes etc to Balfour Beatty, and report on recent issue of repeated damage to stiles in Tillington area: Jetting by BB near Domino Cottage has moved silt to bottom of road which now floods on The Bell side of Haven Cottages where the ditch crosses the road. Lengthsman to strim along ditch at end of Badnage Lane to ensure ditch is visible and put in more posts. One stile has been altered on Tillington common to incorporate a dog flap following recent incidents of damage to stiles. Need to put up signs to remind walkers to keep dogs on leads on footpaths crossing agricultural land.
10. Commons update: Clerk gave Western Power Distribution permission to cut back trees on Tillington Common which are affecting power lines; ditch might need clearing clerk to ask lengthsman to have a look. Tree survey and commons report: clerk meet with Pat Eagling to document commons survey recently carried out.

11. Burghill in Bloom Sally reported judging finished today, only area of concern was Redstone therefore PC arranged for lengthsman to mow.

12. Notice board update: all work undertaken by volunteer from Burghill in Bloom, Mr John Parnaby. Letter expressing PC’s gratitude for considerable work and community spirit to be sent.

13. Website: updated today with info and link to consultation for NDP.

14. Correspondence, HALC and NALC updates circulated and noted

15. Update on process for recruitment of new clerk HALC suggested dates in August for interviews. Clerk to confirm and obtain copies of applications.

16. Items for next meeting: bus shelter

17. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 14th September 2016 (subsequently amended to Tuesday 23rd August 2016).