Minutes 16th January 2008

Minutes of the meeting of Burghill Parish Council held on Wednesday 16th January 2008, at 7.30pm in Simpson Hall

Chair: Miss M Reynolds
Present: D Bishop D Goodfellow Mrs R Lloyd W Griffiths B Green Mrs L O’Grady Mrs A Powell Mrs D Price Mrs P Groves Cllr Robertson and the Clerk
Absent G Davies
1 Apologies: Miss C Lloyd R Davies I Watkins A Stokes PC Epton & L Hull (Community Support Officer)
2 Declarations of Interest – Councillors were reminded to sign the book if appropriate
3 Report from PC Epton – PC Epton unable to attend as on holiday.
4 Agreement of minutes of meeting of 14th November 2007 having been circulated were agreed and signed.
5 Community Website

To date there is an agreement signed for a twelve-month contract. Cancellation, if required, must be given with thirty days notice in advance of the renewal date. The next step is training. It was resolved that the two master administrators will be David Goodfellow and the Clerk. There will then need to be section administrators. An article is to be placed in the Parish Magazine to invite any local groups eg. Scouts & Guides, WI, The Copse, Cricket Club, The Church etc that may be interested in having a section on the Website, to let D Goodfellow know by February 14th 08. Once sections have been determined training for all administrators can be organised.

6 Highways – ongoing matters

Traffic mirror at Tillington Common -The clerk has telephoned and emailed Mr Steve Thompson on several occasions. Apparently AJ has been asked to carry out the task of fitting the mirror but is extremely busy. Mr Thompson agreed that if AJ has not been able to do it by the mid January visit then the work crews would be asked to do it then.
New litterbin at bus stop – As above Brambles at Pyefinch field – It was requested that these be cut back on the letter sent to Mr Thompson for the mid January visit. Parking at Haymeadow Lane – Councillor Sally Robertson and Laurence Hull had met with Colin Meers (Police traffic officer) on 22nd November 07. At the meeting it was decided that Cllr Robertson and L Hull would speak to all residents in the area and also to look into the possibility of the hedges being thinned and trimmed back.

7 Highways – new matters

Bin and possible sign in the lay-by at Portway – It was resolved that councillors would check and see if there is a problem with rubbish in this area. 8 Commons Chestnut trees rubbing against the telephone cables at the side of the road by Tillington Common – further enquiries are to be made to discover who is responsible.
Estimate of costs for ditch clearing etc – One estimate has been obtained from Richard Mills and a further one is being sought from Mark Lloyd.

358 There is concern that weed killer may have been used around a drainage ditch on the Commons, as it is a water source this is probably illegal and could cause problems. It was resolved that a letter be sent from the Parish Council to all residents of the Commons.
Bird Pool – David Bishop reported that there are posts to mark the division. The clerk is to locate a record of where the division should be.

9 Finance

The following payments were agreed Item Amount
Simpson Hall – Room hire £30.00
Ratification required for the
following payment made.
Mr D Goodfellow – Laptop £507.97

10 Planning

New applications and recent decisions had been circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting.
Appendix 1) Powers were delegated to Planning Group 3 (David Bishop) to consider and comment on any applications received until the next Parish Council Meeting
in March.
Woodfields – a central planning meeting has been set for January 23rd 08. It was resolved to support the application.
The Birches – Application for variation of condition 2 of planning consent DCCW2006/3153/F to allow sale of the property (if necessary) to another travelling family was refused on 14th December 07.
It was brought to the Council’s attention that conditions are still not being met on the site. It was resolved to write a letter regarding this to Mr M Lane (Enforcement Officer) at Central Planning.
Recycling Unit A green waste-recycling unit situated on the boundary of Burghill, Lyde and Moreton on Lugg has been proposed. The unit would not be for Public use  and would involve an entrance from the A49. A meeting for the public will be held, possibly at the beginning of February 08. It was resolved to wait until the meeting before discussing further.

11 Copse Committee

It was resolved to nominate Alan Stokes for election onto the Copse Committee pending his agreement.

12 Correspondence

A list of correspondence received had been circulated to all councillors including:
The Simpson Hall – nomination of Trustee for the year commencing 8th January 08.
It was agreed by all that Dylis Price be nominated for Trustee for the Simpson Hall Charity and the nomination will be forwarded to the Secretary by the 5th February 08.
Citizens Advice Bureaux – donation request 08/09
A donation was discussed and a unanimous decision was made to donate
£25 to the Citizens Advice Bureau

13 Date of next meeting: Wednesday 12th March 2008