Minutes 18th November 2015

BURGHILL PARISH COUNCIL held Wednesday 18th November 2015 at 7.30pm in the Simpson Hall Minutes

Present: Mark Ellis (chair), Alan Stokes (vice-chair), Janette Pudsey, Dilys Price, Pat Eagling, David Warren, David Bishop, Martin Doughty, Sally Robertson, Alister Walshe

In attendance: Hazel Philpotts (parish clerk) Anthony Vaughan (NDP SG) Andy Ronneback (NDP SG), 6 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence: Pat Groves, Bernie Green, Antoinette Powell, Ian Watkins.

2. Declarations of interested: recorded.

3. PC vacancy: resolved to place advertisement in the parish magazine.

4. Minutes – to approve and sign minutes of meeting held on 9th September 2015 accepted as an accurate record of the meeting (proposed by AS seconded by MD).

5. Public participation session members of the public are invited to speak (max 10 mins), parishioner concerned about lack of information publicised regarding the PC, and made three suggestions regarding putting information into the parish magazine, planning applications, minutes and agendas. Also advance notice of agendas. Clerk confirmed that the website would be updated very soon with agendas and minutes and the PC will discuss how information is published at the next meeting (January, or December if an additional meeting is required).
Andy Ronneback thanked the parish council for the improved maintenance on Tillington Common. Action owner HP Dead line 10 Dec

6. Update from Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett: apologies received from Pauline who had forwarded a report which the chairman read on her behalf.

7. Finance

a) Resolved to pay the following invoices:
H Philpotts, clerk’s salary and expenses £824.28
A Ronneback, NDP steering group member’s expenses £29.48
A Vaughan, NDP steering groups member’s expenses £42.00
Society of Local Council Clerks, annual subscription £118.00
Kirkwells Ltd, NDP work to date £5160.00
R Mills, P3 and lengthsman work £689.40
b) Request from PCC for support to maintain and service parish clock: resolved to add £100.00 to the budget for 2016/17 for maintenance.
c) Request from Age UK Hereford and Localities for funding to support local elderly people: clerk to ask for information on how a donation of £100 would be used to the benefit of local people if it were to be budgeted for and given. Action owner HP Dead line 10 Dec
d) Budget and precept for 2016/17 set, precept £15,147.00

8. Planning

a) applications update circulated, clerk informed the meeting that an appeal had been submitted to the refusal of permission for the site adjacent to St Mary’s Park, resolved to comment further to reiterate the PC’s previous objection on the grounds that the site was rejected as a possible development site by both the NDP steering group and the consultants who drafted the Plan and carried out their own assessments and scoring of sites.
b) update PC process for local consultation, consideration and commenting on applications monthly meetings for planning and NDP purposes, due to the stage that the NDP is at and the need to discuss planning applications at meetings it would agreed that the clerk would arrange additional meetings as required which is now expected to be every month hopefully with the exception of December.
c) Update on recent development suggestions – land owner’s agents have been invited to present to PC meetings but not taken up. Clerk will continue to request updates.

9. Neighbourhood Development Plan consider draft plan for submission to HC prior to local public consultation, AV outlined his update, settlement boundaries have been adjusted some reduced others increased as a result of discussions with the consultants. PC resolved to accept plan for submission to Herefordshire Council for overview and the habitats regulation assessment and the strategic regulation assessment followed by local public consultation which will formally begin in January, (proposed by MD seconded by DB). Daft Plan to be put onto website and made available on 2nd December, also copies to be sent to owners of land/property identified as potential development sites.
10. Lengthsman and P3 scheme: Clerk reminded to take HC and Balfour Beatty to task over the failure to resolve the issue of flooding at Domino Cottage. Trees on bridal way to church need clearing. Gulley blocked on A4110 by MD. Clerk to liaise with MD and issue work instructions to lengthsman. Action owner HP Dead line 10 Dec

11. Commons update – Willow trees on Whitmore Common leaning towards school fields and other work required, clerk to instruct Richard Mills. Action owner HP Dead line 30 Nov

12. Good Neighbour scheme – report by Sally Robertson – awaiting information pack before project can be taken too much further.

13. Community Speedwatch – update by Sally Robertson. Sally and Martin meeting next week with Pauline Crockett and police to progress the project, hoping for joint working with other parishes.

14. Burghill in Bloom – update by Sally Robertson. Waiting to hear theme for next year. Looking for a sponsor for the awards evening. Sally will report back.

15. Correspondence, HALC and NALC updates. Clerk to reply to request a bench for the Copse.

16. Items for next meeting Pauline’s question regarding Tillington common boundary. Regular item for website. Use of 106 money and PC funding. Invite developers Persimmon and two others.

17. Date of next meeting – Wed 13th January 2016 (unless planning applications necessitate a December meeting.