Minutes 23rd March 2016

Meeting held Wednesday 23rd March 2016 at 7.30pm in the Simpson Hall


Present: Mark Ellis (chair), Alan Stokes (vice-chair), David Bishop, David Warren, Alister Walshe, Janette Pudsey, Bernie Green, Martin Doughty, Pat Eagling, Pat Groves, Dilys Price, Antoinette Powell
In attendance: Hazel Philpotts (parish clerk), NDP steering group members Anthony Vaughan, Andy Ronneback and Mike Buffey, approximately 10 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence received from: Ian Watkins, Beryl Staite, Sally Robertson

2. Declarations of interest: David Warren item 6b (CAP committee member), Antoinette Powell (Crowmore Lane junction).

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 10th February 2016 approved and adopted by the PC (proposed AW seconded AP).

4. Planning: to consider the following applications

a) 160600: Coach House at Tillington Fruit Farm (change of use to residential dwelling), PC resolved to submit an objection on grounds of hazardous junction, single lane track with no passing places and drainage issues. Request that a site visit be made by HC’s Highways Dept to assess the junction. Pauline Crockett will take up with planning officer. If approved the PC would like a proportion of 106 funding to be used for improvements to the junction especially as applications for development of Tillington Fruit Farm are being submitted individually which may avoid the imposition of Section 106 funding.
b) 160599: Lane at Tillington Fruit Farm (change of use of agricultural office to dwelling) resolved to object for reasons as above.
c) 160697: Land at 24 Hospital Houses, Burghill (application for approval of reserved matters following approval of planning permission 143209) PC resolved to submit an objection on grounds of scale and domination of the site.
d) 160673: Prosperpine, Roman Road (single storey rear extension) PC resolved to submit a no objection comment.
e) 160672: Bredstone House, Burghill TPO work to oak tree PC resolved to submit a no objection comment.
f) 160658: White Hall House, Burghill TPO work to yew tree PC resolved to submit a no objection comment and to make suggestions as per Terry Peter’s (tree warden) recommendation. PC acknowledged and thanked Terry for his offer to act as Tree Warden on a temporary basis.
g) Applications update noted
h) 106 Funding policy/projects, including discuss HC’s Community Infrastructure Levy consultation: Mark Ellis will work with Alister Walshe and discuss with chair of Stretton Sugwas PC and report to the next PC meeting.

5. Public participation session members of the public are invited to speak (max 10 mins)
Martin Roberts of Tillington outlined his objection to the NDP identifying housing sites in Tillington, questioning the code of conduct. Mr Roberts’ objection was supported by Mrs Sandra King.
David Bishop commented that the NDP should include a contingency that if development sites are approved before the plan is completed other sites should be deleted.
Question why NDP steering group meetings are not advertised: meetings are sometimes arranged at short notice, but meetings are open and any parishioner wanting to attend can do so.
Mr White of Domino House thanked the PC for the work to improve the flooding problem near his house. Then questioned how the NDP steering group was set up, were people co-opted? Was it made up of volunteers? The steering group is a mix of councillors and volunteer residents from within the parish; all parishioners who have volunteered to join the steering group have been welcomed.
Guy Roberts owner of Woodfield Farm site explained that as planning permission has been refused for 5 houses he is now considering offering it to HC as a traveller site asked for feedback from PC. Although the PC suggested exploring the permitted development suggestion for up to three dwellings, it was unable to make the decision for him as to the future of the site.

6. Neighbourhood Development Plan:

a) Report from the Steering Group on the number of comments received during the consultation and anticipated progress on the NDP. AV outlined his report.
b) A1 printer is no longer required by the NDP SG, decide whether to donate to CAP for community use, sell, keep or any other option. Clerk to discuss CAP option with Sally Robertson, agenda item for next meeting.

7. Update from Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett:
Queenswood and Bodenham lakes signed over to Herefordshire Wildlife Trust on a 99 year lease.
Neighbour dispute within the parish regarding a fence 8’ high still ongoing.
Met with Safer Roads Partnership looking at ways to reduce speeding such as gates and road painting etc. Pauline will report again.
Pauline was asked what is being done to support small holdings that are being given notice. How long will premises be left vacant? No more information available at the moment.

8. Finance – payment of invoices:
H Philpotts (clerks salary and expenses) £1151.14
Joanna Helme (NDP expenses) £13.97
Herefordshire Council (uncontested election costs from May 2015) £71.60
R Mills (lengthsman work) £1003.38
Joe Helme (contribution for NDP updates on community website) £20.00
Janette Pudsey (NDP expenses) £46.00

9. Lengthsman and P3 scheme: clerk updated that an issue had been identified whereby the final piece of paperwork for the scheme had been missed, and that she and Pauline Crockett were endeavouring to insist that HC and BB do not exclude Burghill from the schemes, clerk to report to the next meeting.

10. Commons update: clerk has given permission to Western Power Distribution to reduce size of mainly willow trees on Whitmore Common that are affecting the power lines and causing problems for properties in Crowmore Lane area.

11. Litter Pick to become an annual event co-ordinated by Sally Robertson and Dilys Price.

12. Correspondence, HALC and NALC updates, noted.

13. Items for next meeting: notice boards

14. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 13th April 2016