Minutes 8th July 2015

Meeting held Wednesday 8th July 2015 at 7.30 pm in the Simpson Hall


Present: Mark Ellis (chair), Alan Stokes (vice-chair), Martin Doughty, Bernie Green, Pat Groves, David Warren, Pat Eagling, Dilys Price, Antoinette Powell, David Bishop, Alister Walshe

In attendance: Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, Parish Clerk Hazel Philpotts, Antony Vaughan Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group chair, 6 parishioners

1. Apologies for absence received from: Roger Davies, Ian Watkins, Janette Pudsey, Sally Robertson

2 Declarations of interest – recorded

3 Minutes – of meeting held on 9th June 2015 accepted as an accurate record of the meeting and adopted by the PC (proposed by PG seconded by AS).

4 Public participation – not taken up

5 Finance – payment of invoices approved:

Hazel Philpotts parish clerk salary, overtime and expenses £945.34
Eyelid Productions Ltd (Mark Millmore, new website set up and domain) £510.00
Richard Mills (lengthsman work £577.80, P3 work £673.20) £1251.00

6 Planning

a) applications update (24 Hospital Houses dwelling approved on appeal) circulated and noted
b) application 151760 Hill Farm Tillington, listed building consent only for garden room and pitched roof to porch: resolved to support the application.
c) application 151809 Lower Parks, Canon Pyon portal frame extension to existing agricultural building for additional livestock housing: resolved to support the application.
d) Update on recent development suggestions: planning consultation working for the owner of farm near Tillington Cricket Club to be invited to the next meeting to outline the proposal.
e) PC considered a representative’s attendance at Planning Committee to reiterate objection to application 150526 Burlton Court Farm; agricultural machinery and implement storage building, resolved that clerk would attend the meeting and deliver the PC’s objection. (Proposed by MD seconded by PG, 4 abstentions).

7  Good Neighbour scheme – report by Sally Robertson following recent seminar attendance carry forward to next meeting

8 Community Speedwatch – update by Sally Robertson carry forward to next meeting.

9 Lengthsman and P3 scheme update and highways issues for reporting: bend warning sign on Concertina Hill buried in hedge, clerk to instruct lengthsman to cut around it and make visible.

10 Commons: to be added to future agendas as a standard item. Clerk to obtain quotes for mowing Tillington Common and cutting around trees near ditch.

11 Neighbourhood Development Plan

a) Update from Steering Group (NDPSG) outlined by AV.
settlement boundary info went to consultants, nothing yet in response. Extension to Lottery grant to 31st March 2016 approved, also further grant of £7,500 awarded by Community Rights Programme for additional work to complete the NDP.
b) PC considered whether to release details of the assessment scoring mechanism and results, AV explained that sites were displayed at the options days then were scored by the steering group following the system recommended by HC. Resolved to wait until document published (proposed by AS seconded by MD).
c) Discuss Wellington’s draft Neighbourhood Development Plan (sent to Burghill for comments) and agree comments. Clerk instructed to thank Wellington for including Burghill in its consultation, the PC looks forward to following its progress.

12 Correspondence, HALC and NALC updates noted

13 Items for next meeting: commons committee report

14 Date of next meeting – Wednesday 9th September 2015