Minutes 8th June 2016

Meeting held Wednesday 8th June 2016 at 7.30pm in the Simpson Hall


Present: Mark Ellis (chair), Alister Walshe, David Warren, Dilys Price, Antoinette Powell, Pat Groves, Pat Eagling, Sally Robertson, Beryl Staite, David Bishop, Alan Stokes (vice-chair), Janette Pudsey

In Attendance: Pauline Crockett Herefordshire Council, Hazel Philpotts parish clerk, Anthony Vaughan chair NDP steering group, Andy Ronneback NDP steering group member, approx 30-35 members of the public

1. apologies for absence: received from Bernie Green, Ian Watkins, Martin Doughty

2. To receive declarations of interest: recorded in the book

3. Minutes of meeting held on 11th May 2016 adopted by the PC (proposed by DW seconded by DP).

4. Neighbourhood Development Plan: considered submission of revised NDP to Herefordshire Council for next stage of public consultation process. AV outlined the process for the next stage and handed out to all the PC members memory sticks containing the following relevant documents. Steering group asked the PC to authorise the submission of the NDP to Herefordshire Council for the strategic environmental assessment and habitats assessment, and onward for the public consultation. MD proposed approval and submission PG seconded, parish council resolved to approve submission to Herefordshire Council as recommended by the steering group. Clerk to publish documents.

5. Planning: to consider the following applications

a) Presentation by Julie Joseph, Planning Consultant, on proposals for land adjacent to Tillington Cricket Club which includes the provision of land for a new cricket pitch and car parking. Proposals outlined by Julie Jones, also chairman of Tillington Cricket Club also outlined the club’s support for the proposal which would provide a new cricket ground. Spoke of the high level of cricket being played and junior players being brought on. Questions from councillors and members of the public included how sewerage will be dealt with. Julie Joseph confirmed freehold of the land for the cricket ground and car parking would be gifted to the Cricket Club. Proposal has not yet been submitted for planning approval.
b) Planning application 160978 Burlton Court Farm (construction of agricultural machinery and implement storage building). JP arranged and attended a meeting with the site owner and neighbours and reported to the PC that most trees will remain, only a few will be removed, a considerable band of new planting of mature trees will be included in the scheme. Planning officer has stated that points raised by PC and neighbours could be covered off by planning conditions. Resident of St Mary’s Park thanked the PC, Janette Pudsey, the site owner and his agent for a very constructive dialogue and for working together to allay neighbour’s concerns. Janette proposed that the PC supports the application with conditions, Sally Robertson seconded parish council resolved to support.
c) Application for 2 storey extension and internal alterations at 8 Eltons Marsh (application 161463) Antoinette spoke to neighbours who have no issues with the development as long as it remains as submitted plans. PC agreed to support.
d) Re-consultation following amended/additional plans for Burghill Gospel Hall (application 152868). Original application was quashed following a judicial review initiated by the site’s immediate neighbour. Anthony Vaughan recommended supporting providing the following conditions are be satisfied, sewerage, access and neighbours being affected by loss of privacy and amenity. Neighbour Mr Andrew Lamputt outlined his concerns. PC resolved to object to the recent amendment until guarantees are received that the conditions laid down in the judicial review are met.
e) Volunteer councillor needed to attend Planning Committee on 15th June regarding site for 50 houses at The Paddocks, Roman Road. PC resolved not necessary to attend.
f) Applications update circulated and noted.

6. Public participation session

7. Update from Herefordshire Council Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett:
HC are closing Franklin House, (site could be a possible university hub) HC continuing to moving staff and departments around taking on new office leases.
Traffic issues at Crowmore Lane crossroads with Tillington Road being looked into following a recent incident.
Yellow lines and signs for no parking in bus stop at Leasown will be reinstated by BB.

8. Finance

a) Consider adoption of financial regulations following NALC template outlined by Janette Pudsey following consideration by working group (JP, AS and DW) accepted, signed off and circulated to all councillors.
b) Appointment of internal auditor: Clerk to ask Heather Worth if she would consider taking on the expanded role.
c) Payment of agreed annual donations: agreed
The Copse Leisure Trust annual funding £2,000
Burghill PCC £950 (churchyard maint £450, parish magazine contribution £400, clock maint £100)
d) payment of invoices:
H Philpotts (clerks salary only, expenses to be carried over to July payment) £460.35
S Robertson (expenses reimbursement) £22.49
R Mills £1422.60 (lengthsman work £153.30 P3 £1269.00)
A Vaughan NDP expenses £102.80
Kingfisher Direct Ltd (new litter bin) £176.35
H Worth (internal audit) £45.00
Royal Mail (renewal of PO Box address) £168.00
Eyelid Productions (website hosting and maintenance) £150.00

9. Lengthsman & P3 scheme update, report work for the lengthsman to clerk and potholes etc to Balfour Beatty

10. Commons update: including inspection and tree survey, carried out on 19th May by Pat Groves and Pat Eagling. Whitmore Pool hedge needs cutting where goes through the fence, owned by the PC. Clerk to request Tillington Common to be cut if no interest in taking as a hay crop.

11. Burghill in Bloom – SR reported that area at bottom of Concertina Hill rotovated and seeded. Coffee morning this Saturday.

12. Notice board update: volunteer from Burghill in Bloom offered to work on notice boards, offer very gladly accepted.

13. Website update: NDP documents to be published.

14. Correspondence, HALC and NALC updates circulated and noted.

15. Update on process for recruitment of new clerk, very disappointingly low level of interest, HALC reported that a number of Herefordshire parish clerk posts are proving difficult to fill. Job was advertisied in Burghill parish newsletter. HALC will continue to advertise. Current clerk agreed to continue until replacement is found.

16. Items for next meeting: NDP cost update report, annual donations to local groups (applications will be requested), bus shelter suggestion for Leasown Sally Robertson to get prices

17. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 13th July 2016