Minutes 9th September 2015

Meeting held Wednesday 9th September 2015 at 7.30pm in the Simpson Hall


Present: Mark Ellis (chair), Alan Stokes (vice-chair), Martin Doughty, Ian Watkins, Janette Pudsey, Pat Groves, Bernie Green, Sally Robertson, Dilys Price, Pat Eagling, Alister Walshe
In attendance: Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett, parish clerk Hazel Philpotts, Anthony Vaughan (Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group chair) Mike Buffey, 3 members of the public

1. apologies for absence: received from Antoinette Powell, David Warren, David Bishop

2. Declaration of interest made by Alister Walshe (item 11 Commons)

3. The sudden and very sad death of Roger Davies was discussed. Roger was acknowledged as a key member of the parish council who will be greatly missed for his depth of knowledge and experience, calm practicality and sense of humour. A true gentleman and a sad loss to the parish.

4. Minutes – minutes of meeting held on 8th July 2015 approved as an accurate record of the meeting proposed by AW seconded by MD and signed by the chair.

5. Public participation session: Mr Colin Goldsworthy, resident from byway Tillington Common off Badnage Lane, attended the meeting to inform the PC that he is liaising with residents who live along the byway to collectively resurface the lane from end to end. He has not been able to find out who owns the byway itself (Pauline Crocket confirmed that Herefordshire Council does not own it) and asked whether the PC would have any objection to it being tarmaced. Mr Goldsworthy confirmed he is not seeking financial assistance from the PC. Three residents who live at the bottom of the lane are objecting, they feel the tarmacing will make an existing problem of water running down and causing flooding worse. Alan Stokes mentioned that the residents may need to inform highways authority (HC) as a sealed surface may need additional drainage. PC suggested a more porous surface than tarmac, also felt that tarmac could be easily damaged by heavy vehicles using the lane, Mr Goldsworthy mentioned that baffles at the sides have been suggested.

6. Update from Ward Councillor Pauline Crockett:

a) Issues with flooding at Domino Cottage being investigated again by BB. Agenda item for next meeting to serve HC and BB with a notice to repair the situation at Domino Cottage, start with making a formal complaint to HC’s Assistant Director of Environment, Richard Ball.
b) Queenswood park changing ownership from HC to a consortium of two businesses and one individual
c) Herefordshire Council has to save £10m this year, looking at investments and sales of properties, already sold Brockington, bought Three Elms trading estate to enable use of the land behind and create income, reducing senior management team (asked for 7 members of staff to take redundancy). Wye Valley Trust in a financial crisis, closing down No1 Ledbury Road in March (respite facility for severely disabled adults and children); also proposed to close Bromyard Hospital but staffing intervention has enabled it to remain open. Proposing to close Belmont, Leominster and Ross libraries. Parking charges in Hereford will be increased. Ongoing consultation on financial situation is available online.

7. Finance – payment of invoices all approved

a) Hazel Philpotts parish clerk salary and expenses £866.56
b) Grant Thornton, annual audit £240.00
c) Kirkwells, Neighbourhood Development Plan, £1320.00
d) A Ronneback, Neighbourhood Development Plan expenses, £41.09
e) Lawrence Dray commons mowing £250.00
f) Copse payment £4,000 (£2014/15 £2,000 plus 2015/16 £2,000)
g) Donations/agreed payments:

Burghill PCC churchyard maintenance £450.00
Burghill PCC parish magazine expenses £400.00
Burghill Scouts and Guides £150.00
Paintpots Playgroup £150.00
Simpson Hall £100.00
Citizens Advice Bureau £100.00
CAP £500.00
British Legion (poppy wreath for Remembrance Day) £25.00
Burghill in Bloom £200.00

8. Planning

a) applications update
b) Pauline Crockett advised on parish councils’ role in planning following training seminar.
c) Consider application for a solar photovoltaic array at Auberrow: chair of Wellington parish attended and gave Wellington’s viewpoint: they are concerned regarding the impact on the local countryside. Janette Pudsey reported following a visit to the site: site is not flat therefore will be very visible to the north and west and will therefore affect the view of the countryside from our parish. Visual impact will be substantial and harmful to the character of the local area, particularly as on rising ground and will be visible for at least 2 miles. Concern that the local electrical infrastructure will be insufficient to cope with the load without building of an additional substation. Resolved to object for the following reasons:
Harmful to the character and appearance of the local area, and the enjoyment of the countryside by local residents.
Site is on rising round and will be visible for 2 miles, as in a very prominent location.
Taking prime agricultural land out of use for at least 25 years
Contrary to policies LA2 and LA3 within Herefordshire Unitary Development Plan, contained within the national planning policy framework specifically para 17, 109 and 113.

9. Neighbourhood Development Plan first draft document circulated for comments to be returned to Andy Ronneback by 21st September. Confirmed decision to ask consultants to review the site assessments carried out by the SG and put into the document. Need to put ideas in to the plan use of the community infrastructure levy.

10. Lengthsman and P3 scheme update and highways issues for reporting: Martin Doughty updated on an issue with the greenway running parallel with church, someone is putting a cone into the lane, clerk write to residents along the lane please don’t put the cone out, and mow but don’t collect the clippings and dump along the substation fence. Clerk to liaise with MD. Dumping of grass cuttings is classed as flytipping.
Clerk to create a spreadsheet to track progress of reported highways issues.

11. Commons update following commons inspections carried out 22nd August: Lengthsman to be asked to cut the ditch at the front of the common. Builders rubble bag in the ditch at the rear of the properties.
Whitmore Common and Whitmore Pool passed inspection. Oak tree in pool in satisfactory condition for another year, Sally tree next to the school has been cut back where it leans towards the playground, Alan Stokes will have a look to see if it needs attention.

12. Good Neighbour scheme – report by Sally Robertson following recent seminar attendance, met with Penny Littlewood and CAP and all keen to take it on, Janette Pudsey also discussing with Age UK. Janette and Sally will be meeting towards end of September to drive forward, working with the church scheme.

13. Community Speedwatch – update by Sally Robertson, offered dates but had to decline, Martin, Pauline and PSCO will be going to Wigmore to see an event taking place.

14. Burghill in Bloom – update by Sally Robertson awards ceremony tomorrow, results will be announced then. Want to improve noticeboards, clerk to liaise with Sally to purchase and erect new boards. Local awards for window boxes and planters will be announced at an event in the autumn.

15. Correspondence, HALC and NALC updates including HC’s budget consultation and proposal for a county wide governance review (looking at parish boundaries and numbers etc).

16. Items for next meeting: discuss budget and set precept by 31st December, planning – Ian Stevens Savills coming to talk about the proposal for Tillington Fruit Farm, Crowmore Lane

17. Date of next meeting – request from clerk to move November meeting by one week to Wednesday 18th November approved.